What are you listening to? (music edition)

Otomo is a boss. Wait, is the otomotone named after him? Big inspiration on Merzbow.

It seems maybe not, just coincidence.

I like Magic Dirt now, thank you.

My final answer to the most feedbackiest/sexiest guitar of all time is Boris’ Feedbacker. Same era as Magic Dirt when this live was recorded. I know it’s 25 minutes so people probably won’t watch or listen, but Wata’s guitar work makes for a life-changing 25 minutes.

Just looove it!

Is this that emo music that the youngsters are talking about? :thinking:

Napalm Death still rocking hard…


this is what i thought emo was when i was 13, and i jammed hard to it. no, this is nu-metal- same sentiment but more mainstream execution. i grew out of emo and then grew a little back into in my early 30’s, but more mid-western emo, like tigers jaw and american football

as an adult i realized we can all have a little emo, as a treat.

below: random midwest emo mix from YT

I was just taking the piss on that one… :grin:

ya done me there. consider me razzed :rofl:

To my ears, Linkin Park is a little too bubblegum to have the word metal associated with it.


“nu” is doing a lot of work there. is soft rock actually rock? i LOVE a good ballad, but rock? come on…

I’m guilty of listening to a little Weezer every now and then. :open_mouth:

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this is far out

man, don’t even get me started. blue album is actually pretty solid, and hardly emo. like, i’ll gladly out myself as a ride or die early my chemical romance fan, or throw on blink 182’s self-titled album or enema of the state without shame or regard for others.

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Their first two albums are pretty excellent.


it’s like this weird reggaeton, fat boy slim, rage against the machine hybrid. i don’t know how to engage with it without likening it to other stuff. it’s kind of cool though. like i dig the drum and bass but also reggae vibe with this track, although i don’t know if i could do a full album of it. conceptually i’m on board. i don’t know if you saw upthread about teens on tiktok subjecting themselves to mental breakdowns as a musical challenge, but that seems like something that you would find curious.

also this the caretaker project “everywhere at the end of time” is genius, although the genre as a whole makes me feel kind of sleepy. same with will basinski, a lot of that stuff, for me anyway, is purely hypnotic.

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I think of it as a mix of rap, dub, dancehall and bhangra. Kind of a weird mishmash that shouldn’t work but does.


Some non-emo Weezer for you

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The drumming on this album is insane…


So much good metal out this year.


let’s get weird, let’s have fun.