What are you listening to? (music edition)

Just saw this now. Yeah I love Yolandi and Ninja, I remember those years you mentioned. I totally agree about them falling off. Sometime around Pitbull Terrier. I still really like Umishini Wam (although not a song), also directed by Harmony Kornine:

and that time Ninja talked about playing ball at Drake’s house with Kanye West. FUNNY

is “sweet georgia brown” a reference to heroin? these cats and their heroin.


@urodacus and whoever else recommended Harakiri Diat :pray: :pray: :pray:

No I don’t think so. Brown sugar, on the other hand…

As used by Rolling Stones. And you thought it was about sex with young women of the African American variety…

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i was today years old when i realized the soundgarden song “black hole sun” is about heroin. so i miss quite a bit it seems.


relax, give it room to breathe, be the 150th youtube view or whatever. happy friday night.

a little cocktail of garbage music for y’all. have a garbage saturday night <3

Super cool :sunglasses: Voice made me think Amy Whinehouse

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songs from the Hotline Miami 1 & 2 ost

so many good memories of playing this game and dying over and over and loving it

There’s a nice violin sonata coming out of the radio in the other room.

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Almost jazzy. Nice and low key

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Please say it’s for the comedic value only!