What are you listening to? (music edition)

thanks for sharing this, i feel like it taught me turkish (i learned nothing), and also led me to this mood

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this is sick, got amy taylor, and releases tomorrow!

i’m just getting into the uk grime scene that’s popping off right now and i’m here for it.

here’s a downtempo, depressed aussie piece i love:

the lyrics are so personal and just f*ckin tear at you if you or someone you know has ever been in the grip of addiction.

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This, live, is great.

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kexp seattle coming through again. instant like

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Check out a program called Wide Cut Country on CKUA.org

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this isn’t the release from her official channel, the bass is more pronounced in this upload and is more true to the album recording. just a feeling a from listening to Altin Gün.

really cool. even under pressure, what a heavenly voice…

if you’re looking for cool, Lianne La Havas has it in spades.
recent radiohead cover.

I love what I’ve heard from it so far. They just keep getting better.


this was the first recommended track that came up after the one you posted. so good, love the stream of consciousness cheeky rhymes meets soul.

this new slowthai slaps

kind of a different pace, but same over it post-brexit sh*t

Yeah, I’ve heard it. I’m not a huge slowthai fan, but that’s a good one. The production and the video really make it work.

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deep cut that just shuffled up. if u no u no.


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Impeccable musical taste miller

Yay or nay for impeaching ?

I’d impeach the hell out of Bette Midler. :grin:

On the lighter side, this dude can lay it down in English and Spanish, and he has nipple piercings and a jacket made out of pants. How can you beat that?

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Sleaford mods videos challenged me to use my brain . So I assume this is more of it…

Thanks milker…

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Any time. :wink:

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