What are you listening to? (music edition)

hungover and feeling the good video game and meme music today

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That is brilliant. “Got to be something moar” :joy:

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bill wurtz is a certified genius composer

he’s basically phil collins for the internet generation

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Aside from the first shit hit single, Love The One You’re with, this is a solid side A album. I’m spinning it now and it’s been, A, B…A again. Noice.

From wiki, and I am with Jagger. Cross between a Protestant church organist gone mad and jimi hendrix with CSNY level lyrics:
Reviews of the album were decidedly mixed, ranging from lukewarm to positive. Ed Ward in a contemporary review in Rolling Stone felt that the album had an “elusive” quality, and though he didn’t dislike the album, and admired parts, he felt it lacked “meat”. However, he felt that “Love the One You’re With” would make a “killer single”.[20] In another contemporary review, Robert Christgau awarded the album a C+, saying he “effortlessly swings,” picking out “Go Back Home” for praise, and is too “damn skillful to put down”. Yet he felt there was something “undefined about the record.”[21]

However, in three contemporary reviews Record World, Cashbox, and Billboard were full of praise for the album. Record World called Stills “one of the steadiest performers on the rock circuit” and said the “result of the album was stupendous”.[22] Cashbox said Stills’ “keyboard, guitars and vocals were brilliant” and the songs were “among the best he’s ever written”.[23] Billboard said Stills was “a complex talent bursting with soul and depth” and “via brilliant arrangements takes rock to new and musical heights.”[24] Richard Williams for Melody Maker 1970, said "‘Love the One You’re With’ and ‘Sit Yourself Down’ are both comfortable and smooth-harmonised songs, which could have come from Deja Vu. ‘Church (Part Of Someone)’ is a stretched gospel song, maybe the best he’s ever written with thick choral responses (I’d dig to hear Lorraine Ellisson singing it)’.[18]

Mick Jagger was quoted in the NME 1970 saying, he’s ‘been listening to… and really likes Stills’ new album… finding it really funky’.[25] Such was Stephen Stills stature that the two biggest releases for Christmas 1970 were Stephen Stills’ debut solo album and George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass . Harrison sent Stills a telegram complimenting him on the album.[26]

In a retrospective summary Allmusic calls it “a jaw-dropping experience” just short of Crosby, Stills & Nash and Déjà Vu .[1]

Go Back Home, IMO is the star of Side A. Reeeeal nice waawaa pedal guitar, a la Hendrix.


Black Queen is great. Still’s homage to twangy black fueled blues.

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Love that Big Star.

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Last share of the day

Transferring my allegiance to scotland, can’t understand a word but It sounds good