What are you listening to? (music edition)

I appreciate your taste in midlife crisis music. :grin:

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ha ha touche

With that said I’ve been listening to John Beag since I was 12, although back then it was more like I was subjected to John Beag when I was a captive passenger in the car

Not continuously, right? I think you’re really missing the old country.


I switched to oldtime for about 15 years, and then lil wayne. :laughing:

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youtube queued this one for me, someone animated the album cover!

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Don’t “ pretend Gaelic”. In the video you can clearly see them putting bags of cocaine into the boats.

At first I thought they were emigrating (How long till we get to America? Shut ye gob and keep rowing, gossoon)

It’s a wonderful sounding language. And I’ve heard learning it protects you from vampires.



I finally get the garlic reference

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Don’t come the raw prawn with us, sunshine

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Sorry about that :sweat::laughing:

Not a Steely Dan fan, but they were supposedly really good musicians?

A less popular but nice one.

This is brilliant…

Interesting mix here, guitar more prominent especially at end.


Whoa…not a duet I was expecting

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German music recommendations @hannes @olm.

Kraftwerk and ramstein are out of bounds.

What do you like what’s your favourite?