What are you listening to? (music edition)



Not on youtube, but you can find the new Parliament track on iTunes or Spotify…


The Morgue 2018



I have found a new appreciation for the album Talk by Yes. It was OK 20 years ago, it is better now.

That and Jacaranda by Trevor Rabin.


First new album in 40 years, and it sounds great!

Brings back memories…sickest bass lines ever invented.


What a goddess!





Lennon gets all the fanfare, but I like Paul’s post-Beatles stuff better.

Another favorite from a few years later:


I agree, but I think it dropped off after 85 or so.

That record he did with David Gilmour was tops, though!


I’m not a huge fan of his post-Beatles , but I like some of the obvious suspects a lot, which is more than I can say for Lennon of that era. Give peace a chance is the only thing really coming to mind


Lennon didn’t have a lot of output, as he mostly sat around in his Manhattan apartment smoking weed and watching TV. But these two albums aren’t bad.

Still like Paul’s stuff better, but JB is right that the post mid-eighties stuff is pretty lame.




Aerosmith did a reasonably decent version of this on “Permanent Vacation.”

They also did “Come Together.” That version is in the ears of the beholder, I think.


Ah, the 80’s. Afghanistan v1.0, the troubles, apartheid, cold war. Fun times.