What are you listening to? (music edition)

I’m going to come… back after I find some more good guitar playin

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More TAS sisters. Guitar techniques and vocals to be admired.



Cocaine in the brain

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I don’t think I’ve ever heard these two versions before (I just now found out Jorge Ben wrote it):

Miriam Makeba explains what the song is about. I didn’t believe her explanation until I looked up the lyrics.

Rain, Wine + Rainy theme


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new k dot might eclipse DAMN imo. thoughts ? @Dr_Milker

this track is from another project. guess they didn’t fit the cut for the record.

TDE is dead. i think SZA has one more record with them. and Isiah’s record was pretty decent but not amazing.

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can’t stop watching / listening to this new black midi track

An interesting version

I like what I’ve heard so far. Musically it’s all over the place, and I like him better when he’s not taking himself quite so seriously.

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I’m trying to think of a time he didn’t take himself seriously. All his records are personal and about his struggles and the people immediately around him. I think he’s trying to address this perception and move past it with this record, but whether it comes off as genuine is up to the listener I guess. I’m liking it either way. And yeah it’s all over the place but I like that about it. Short attention span…

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I guess it’s relative. His most serious to me was To Pimp a Butterfly, which I mostly didn’t like (King Kunta was good). He seems looser on his latest album, and the variety makes it more fun.

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This live version is sick Black Midi - Welcome To Hell (Live Soundboard Audio) - YouTube

Happy birthday Bob.

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