What are you listening to? (music edition)


Certainly listened to the first two on cassette many times back then



Kids today do not understand the struggle of having to unwrap tape from a hungry tape player, then not being able to find a pencil or pen. Or, putting coins on the needle to try and prevent LP skipping. Or having a collection of 45s that cannot be played because you lost the spindle adapter.


A post on the whiskey thread earlier today got me thinking about whiskey songs other than Willie Nelson’s great Whiskey River. Three that may be newer, yet are deep in that same current.




I know almost nothing about country music, but that Tennessee Whiskey song is a good one. I ran across it through this amateur cover/sing along:



From their first album, one of my favorite pop songs of all time:


Feeling ethnic tonight.


Very possibly the coolest video ever. Thank you, sir!


Don’t really know Procol Harum, but thats some good s***.


How about some Cab Calloway.


Wait for it.


I want to party with these people.


Rain in Taipei, but meanwhile in Miami, not so much.


Classic cover.



Slowed vinyl


Several things about this song:

  1. Yes, it’s good, or catchy, or whatever. It’s iconic
  2. that “cum” in the title…
  3. even though I have been an avid listener or heave, thrash, death and other deviated musical genres, there’s something about his voice that I find stressful. Man, calm down and stop shouting.