What are you listening to? (music edition)

Taiwanese Indie pop


Scandinavian girl was belting this at the top of her lungs while in the shower (and I live in a nice neighborhood).

@LondonSpice gets tagged - not expecting to see a Citroën whatever-it-is there

I used to listen to this to remind me of a better time in my life, but now I remember that the “better time” was crap and when I was listening to this the most, it was even worse! :slight_smile:

Must mean things are pretty good meow!

Background in a French restaurant.


Perfectly timed… :sweat_smile:

A viral song that is called a 神曲 by netizens:

I am a fan of this one:

Some modern drumming by a lady IDK but that I should check her music some time:

Can’t find some videos I watched sometime ago about Elvin Jone’s polyrhythmic drumming style…

That’s the closest thing I could find.

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