What are you listening to? (music edition)

This is fire.

epic. this is still my favorite B-52s song though


Love that song too. They’re just so damn weird.

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Today, I’m listening to Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds - Haven’t listened to it for years

Bringing back lots of memories, and truly an awesome listen

R.I.P. Keith Levene :salute:

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Giving a listen to this:

I don’t know, Meshuggah is not the same to me anymore. Also Thordendal is out. I wonder when he’s going to release whatever he’s working on.

OK, this is a pretty decent track:

I think I watched a video about it some time ago…
… yes I did:

This one also pleases me:

It has some Chaosphere reminiscence. Actually the solo totally reminds me of the one here:

OK, time to stop the madness (of Meshuggah), my ears need a rest. Just one more, a classic:

Switching to something softer… bossa nova or something of the kind.

Can I request some smooth jazz? Thanks.

You can even make specific suggestions. But listen to the last track. That breakdown is great.

While you look for a more appropriate title I’ll shift down with this:


People sometimes have that reaction to challenging, experimental music. :slightly_smiling_face:

Somewhat experimental.

Thanks to youtube the other day I found about this:

Kinda felt like a cheaper version of this:

But I guess it isn’t fair to say that. Some similitude though.

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Really getting into Mehldau…

Just chilling to some serious Dub, cold Guinness sadly no reefer.