What are you listening to? (music edition)

Lanie Gardner is a talented 23-year-old girl who is known for her lovely voice. In addition to singing, she is a social media star, lyricist, music composer and TikTok star. She became famous on social media for her voice, lip-syncs and dancing videos.

The other explanation I mentioned, to be heavily edited (I pointed out it had to be heavily compressed but apart from that people here say it’s autotuned):


I watched the video again, like 10 seconds, and I really think that isn’t her live voice from that video.

Well just enjoy listening to it then. Still her voice. Great redo of a Fleetwood Mac classic.

It sure sounds good.

From the reddit thread:


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Isn’t that what everyone does when they lip sync?

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Saw this recently for the first time. Oh what I have been missing.

Reservoir dogs?

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That shit is creepy

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Great band. Opera trained vocalist with a jazz drummer.

Don’t talk to strangers.
I suppose many of us neglect the advice here.


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Duh fuc is dis that popped up in my Q!?