What are you listening to? (music edition)



Little UK. Still a deep sense of belonging…:cry: :uk:


Knopfler playing Live. Something he wrote for a TV series.


Check out JPJ on the mandolin. A friend gave me all the Zeppelin albums when I was 17. He was a drummer and he was going to buy a new set to practice along with. I’ve loved the group since.


Some Dr. Hook:



That’s quite a gift. Speaking of acoustic, I love the acoustic intro on this one:


Still remember the first time I heard that one…because it was actually at 3 o’clock in the morning. It’s one of those songs that sounds better the louder you play it.


The beat on this one! What ever happened to D’Angelo?


Wasn’t it the anniversary for that album



Kenny Rogers :grin::grin::grin:



This was a strange number from Wings. I remember it was the B side of Live and Let Die.





He had released an album around 2014/2015 and it’s pretty damn good, if not a bit weird in places. It won a grammy.

These were the singles.

Now only 12 more years until the next album…


This Dog is not getting into the spirit of the music…:grin:


Aight not 2018, but the memory came around earlier this week in Neiwan when I saw a young father rub egg yolk off his bawling toddler’s face with his thumb, something my own da was prone to do back in the day of this one.


Maybe this song is terrible, as I have not found anyone else who likes it.:cry: Only me