What are you listening to? (music edition)





Vocals only, that sure is one hell of a Bass voice.


This is kinda cool:




Is there anyone out there today like this guy? Saw this sign in the toilet at coffee shop.


I’m a fan, but I can only take Frank in small doses. Too much weird in one sitting can mess with your sense of reality.



In the summer of 1968, one of my already-grown older brothers was visiting our house, and he saw this album in my room and told my mom and dad, “Charlie’s got a record that has a bunch of guys wearing dresses on the cover.” But by my parents’ reckoning (they had grown up in the Deep South during the '20s and the Depression, and here I was listening to Jimi Hendrix and toting around a copy of Quotations from Chairman Mao), I was already so weird that that didn’t have any effect on them.



That’s the perfect dosage. Hope you got rid of the 毛語錄. :wink:


I lent it to this girl that I had a crush on, and she never gave it back.

Zappa’s backstory on that song is somewhere on the 'net (or I guess it’s Zappa’s).


Sounds like you got the better part of the bargain.



Haven’t listened to Laurie in a while. She did some pretty cool stuff.


NME is no more. R.I.P.





Some great beats coming out of Africa.