What are you listening to? (music edition)


The wedding song in SA, Maybe I’m getting old but seems to have more South Africa beat, ha, as opposed to South L.A.


There’s a lot of cross-pollination going on for sure.


Love the bizarre fashions in this one.


Brad Laner is the man

whoa track 11, noise ball

Hmm this is going to be nice




More timely than ever.




My Sharona is great, but I may like this one better.


Not sure I’ve heard that before!

Best use of the riff


I almost totally forgot about the Tubes. The intro to this one is so damn funny!

Best Youtube comment: “This should be the Tour de France theme song.”


found that from here



Ha, I vaguely remember that. They did their own material better though.


Just watched that one too. Wasn’t wild about the video, but the sound quality was great.


Couple of good covers too!


DEVO permanently warped my mind as a young child. I think they’re still ahead of their time. Akron still probably hasn’t figured out what’s going on. Speaking of covers:

And my favorite:


Uncontrollable Urge rocks. I like this one:

Favorite Stones cover: