What are you listening to? (music edition)



I heard this Song on the radio from Kiss Radio 99.9 Kaohsiung while driving in the car. The mix was so psychedelic and three dimensional in the car. The sound seemed to erupt from everywhere and there was true stereo separation. After going through much effort I found this video and was very disappointed. It sounded flat. Unfortunately the song is only available on KKBOX or My Music and not on Spotify. Would I get a better quality version if I bought a month or should I just get the CD.
This is really unusual. I’m usually satisfied with cheap mp3 versions of most things. I do hope I can find a decent copy for free or just buy the month of service. The song isn’t that great. I just love the effect.


Saw this lady in Danshui the other day, she’s stepped up her game a lot


So far I’m liking it… Open Waters is pretty decent:



Just what the Doctor ordered.:innocent:

I was not sure whether this track should be listed as “hardest rocking songs” or “electronic”


Time to start compiling a shit list… :unamused:


An eye for an eye :wink:


I think you mean an ear for an eye.


I appear to have answered myself. See what you have done DrM. :joy:


Don’t make me open a can of Pat Boone on you!




2:25 and there is about as good as it gets. Dresses brought this to mind. Takes a bit to get to the story there

That is still one of the sicker tracks pressed into anything, but this was the standout on that record. My sister asked me what it was (I said Stereolab) and turned it down a bit in the car, ha

This was first. One of the better 3 tracks on any record

I saw a best 3 tracks in a row thing on FB lately but that should take it. Exploding Head Movie / Animal or Vegetable (A Wonderful Wooden Reason) / A New Dress (Remix)


First 3 tracks here could be my next choice

Next up tracks 2 3 4


This should always get a mention cause it’s 5 and because


How can you not love this guy?




Me avergüenzo cada día de la semana
de toda la raza humana, de toda la población.
Me avergüenzo con carácter retroactivo
de todo aquel que esté vivo, lo vaya a estar o murió.

Me avergüenzo de los barrios,
me avergüenza el vecindario,
me avergüenza un edificio,
me avergüenzan los oficios.

Me avergüenzo de los míos,
me avergüenzo de los tuyos,
de la biblia y sus versículos,
de Cristo y sus discípulos.

Me avergüenzo de las cosas de la gente,
de la gente que hace cosas, de quien no hace nada también.
Me avergüenzo de cualquiera que abra la boca,
y de aquellos que se callan para mal o para peor.

Me avergüenzo de los bancos,
me avergüenzan los cajeros,
Me avergüenzan los estancos,
me avergüenzo del dinero.

Me avergüenzo de las vallas,
me avergüenzan las murallas,
me avergüenzan las batallas,
me avergüenzan las medallas.

Me avergüenzo del futuro,
me avergüenzo del presente,
me avergüenzo del pasado,
me avergüenzo de la gente.

Me avergüenzan los deportes
y los medios de transporte,
me avergüenza el terrorismo
y la cruzada contra el mismo.

Me avergüenzo de las armas,
me avergüenza el pacifismo,
me revientan los humanos,
me avergüenzo de mí mismo.


Good…not quite as impressive as Ewan Dobson Time 2 but nice