What are you listening to? (music edition)



That Metallica album reminds me of the 1980s Bay Area thrash metal scene. I wasn’t really that into metal at the time, but I had friends who were, one of who managed Exodus for a while, so I went to quite a few of their concerts. Hammett founded Exodus before joining Metallica. I still like Exodus better.






The rules about 3 songs maximum have been relaxed now ? :joy::kissing_heart:I’m going to talk to an administrator immediately .


Those songs are short so it’s ok

P.S. - I make the rules





Forgot how funky the Fat Albert, Sanford & Sons and SWAT theme songs were.

Here’s another one:




Percussion ain’t always mean drums.


James Brown on Rai…Berlusconi would approve!


These are so good…wish the fidelity was better.


Crank it!


Approaching max fusion in American music (and that’s saying something). Chris Stapleton on the left, and the best country voice since George Jones on the right, Sturgill Simpson (yeah I’m a huge country fan, won’t bore you though). They’ve been hit upside the head by Nashville a little too hard, but still, gold.



Very nice. I’m a big fan of both. I usually prefer slow country songs to up-tempo ones, but that one is straight up country rock. Cool to see them really rock out on the guitars…great bass line too.