What are you listening to? (music edition)


a 24h livestream of Synthwave/Retrowave/electric music.


Really bittersweet to see him at his prime like that.



Scottish rap



The new Janelle Monáe album came out last Friday so I listened to that a bit over the weekend. I don’t listen to much music from the past 10 or 15 years (with some exceptions), but I really like her. This album just isn’t as good as her last one though. Definitely some good stuff on it though.

There’s a movie and a bunch of singles out, but here’s a couple of them.

And these are a few of my favorites from her last album.


I’d never even heard of Ryo Fukui before, but this is some amazing jazz piano.


He appeared in my youtube feed years ago. I had no idea of who he was but listened to one or two records.


Give him a listen. He’s not bad at all.


I did, I did. And I’m doing it now.






EDIT: I can’t find the full album with the right track list…


Hell of a voice for someone so young.


Weirder than a weird thing, but different




Not Unusual :wink:



Hmmm did I really dance to this?