What are you listening to? (music edition)


You will thank me today with this Earworm all day…Too Shy Shy…Hush Hush Eye to Eye



@tempogain, I removed the Doors one (a live version of “Moonlight Drive”); if that’s the one you liked (i. e., rather than “The Rumor”), I’ll put it back.


Nope I liked The Band track! What was wrong with the Doors track though? On your average day I probably like The Doors more than The Band :slight_smile:



Well, it sounds kind of sinister, but in the book No One Here Gets Out Alive, the author makes out as if that’s the song that got the group started, in an encounter between Morrison and Manzarek on a beach (in Venice, CA?–couldn’t get the pertinent anecdote from the book I read–had to get it elsewhere).

Well, heck, I’ll just put “Moonlight Drive” here.

Bonus! :slight_smile:


Yep, I remember. I read the book when I was a kid, I was a huge Doors fan. I’m not saying you have to post it in any way, but I’m still not quite seeing how that means you didn’t want to post it :slight_smile: No worries, I’m looking on Youtube! (scratch that-- Yes!)


I finally posted it. I guess I’m officially mental, huh?


Firetrucks on my street. brb.


Well I asked my friend where is that black smoke comin’ from
He just coughed and changed the subject and
said oh well I think it might snow some
So I left him sippin’ his tea an’ I jumped in my chariot
And rode off to see just why and who could it be this time


Christmas 1968, I’d spent all my money, and I’d got all the presents I was supposed to get, but I begged my mother for the money to buy Electric Ladyland. She didn’t look too pleased, but she gave me the money.

Thanks, Mama. :slight_smile:


No more rock and roll? What are they, Communists? Just kidding, I’m listening to it now.


Not sure if it will be your cup of tea (maybe I’m wrong), but I was listening to it.


It sounds like something that would call for very energetic dancing.


That could definitely be involved!


Brain gravy, take control? Yikes!


Now I have to listen to it again. I may do so a bunch of times the next few days. Pretty pumping acid techno. I’m partial to the genre


What’s brain gravy, or is it a secret, or maybe nsfw? :runaway:


Seems to be the name of their record label!


Zappa would be proud of that name!