What are you listening to? (music edition)



The lead singer is a total nerd, but the song is good.


I always thought they were singing “wrapped up like a douche into the rumor of the night.”



Oh What a Night is first song I can remember playing repeatedly. My old man had the 45


They had amazing voices (Frankie and Gerry), in spite of the fact that Frankie was losing his hearing at that point.


Or maybe it is yanni or laurel ? :face_with_head_bandage:



Prog with Spanish guitar…interesting.


Nope. Spanish/Andalusian progressive rock. Not prog WITH Spanish guitar :stuck_out_tongue:


Spoken like a prog aficionado.


Listen to the whole album. You might find weird a couple of things but it’s worth listening.



Maybe I’ve posted this one before:

I know I’ve posted this before–but it’s what I’m listening to :slight_smile: :




That reminded me of this movie:

What a disappointment. This one OTOH was good:

Now I see that Fatih Akim has some other movies I haven’t watched… maybe I should!

Totally recommended:


Whoa, good stuff.


last night this got me searching for a specific old Turkish rock song I like, but I never found it. but I did come across this coolness:

which led to this:


Old school analog synth on top there