What are you listening to? (music edition)


More Jesus music


So obsessed.


Nice to look at and listen


I wish Jesus built my scooter…


They announced the next Prince album. Piano & A Microphone (all from 1983). There’s a pre-order single.

Decent enough but they’re not really bringing these out fast enough for my tastes. If this album is all they release all year… meh.




I will…uh, have to take her word for it.





Buddy Guy - The Blues Is Alive And Well

On wax, natch.


For all the money they must have spent on that video, it’s pretty mediocre. I don’t really like either of them, but they’re even worse together (although Beyonce is better at rapping than I expected).


I don’t think they mesh well together. Jayz sounds better over old school soul tracks. And his collab with Linkin Park was a musical master piece, who know nu metal and rap could sound so good. Him and Chester (RIP) killed it. I love this video of watching jayz face around 5:03

Jayz is one of the only rapper I saw live and I felt damn I’m in the zone and entertained and grooving with him. All the others it’s like ehhh, don’t dont sound so good live. Their flow is off and you can tell how commercialized their music is.

My favorite rapper has to be j cole right now though.



Saw him live once. In Tokyo, a club in Shibuya, few years ago. He sat on a chair the whole performance. Amazing. Place was filled with people of all ages together for his blues.



Not a fan of Linkin Park at all (their music is just too shallow), but that’s a good live performance. I think Jay-Z was thinking “This is what I could sound like if I had an actual live band.”

I can’t listen to mainstream rap at all these days. It’s just lost all the creativity it had in the early days. There’s lots of fun stuff going on in alternative rap though:


He swings through Albany NY about once a year. Last year, he played The Egg, which is near acoustically perfect and he said it was the best sounding place he’d every been in. I missed the show and won’t next time! Some of the older crowd is not worth the effort, but he’s a must see.