What are you listening to? (music edition)




How to posted like you I have only a link no screen for music
Thank you


It’s not easy to post like me. It takes years of training to achieve your own refined and elegant style. I would start by using commas and listening to music other than pop.

For example, this will have screen for music because of its musicality:

This won’t because it just doesn’t qualify as music:

Luis Fonsi - Despacito ft. Daddy Yankee - YouTube


Just copy/paste from the link in address bar. Check you are not just posting Image.


Thank you I will try to do it


Good music for puttering around the house suite

non visual

edit: tried to embed player but didn’t work


The link works okay, though. Nice find!


Seems like a good idea for a band to perform songs preferred by local audience. As long as they throw in other stuff.
Identified from localized Spotify data.



Blued out Drake song



remember that this track was the "B’ side of Live and Let Die:




This is a global map of what people are listening too. Kind of cool.


Whoa…his voice is still there!


I don’t know, I never liked much The Beatles.




The Sesame Street gang are lightweights, but the Muppets rock!


Yeah, actually those were awesome.