What are you listening to? (music edition)


Do ya think I’m sexy?




Still a classic


That is cool. Тролль is not bad. The NY song was frightening of course. Gangnam Style is still big in Kazakhstan


Yea I had similar observations including shock at the middle asia gangnam , and the scourge of ed sheerhan. Check out libya. Seems like it is a once off though, would be really cool if it was real time.



No need to like and share folks but it brought back a memory


Don’t miss the acrobatic dancing in the second half! :heart_eyes:





Cypress Hill goes to Egypt


After listening to this old tune ~~

~~I went to Wikipedia to find out who wrote it (weird that I got curious about that after all these years) and didn’t see a name beside the song, but read at the top of the track listing, “All tracks written by the members of Santana except where noted.”

In that track listing, the song “Jingo” caught my eye.

“Jingo” was one of those noted exceptions. It was written by Babatunde Olatunji (1927-2003), and was originally called Jin-go-lo-ba.

After perusing the Wikipedia article on Mr. Olatunji and listening to his song, I got the thought, “Olatunji, where have I heard that name before? Ah!”:


In the past, some of our post-authors have mentioned Babatunde Olatunji:

I would say, “It all ties in,” but it doesn’t, it sort of all ties out in all directions. Or maybe it even ties around a little bit.

Now, the obvious question that arises from all this is, What do I want, a cookie? It is a question for which I have a ready answer, viz., No, I don’t want no cookie, I want a whole strawberry cheesecake with a graham-cracker crust.


If this guy ever took his music seriously, which he obviously doesn’t (he’s a comedian, after all), he could be a huge star. Now his main job is band leader on the James fucking Cordon show. What a waste of talent…


I dated once a jazz singer. She looked and singed pretty much the same than this guy, except for the beard.


It was probably him in drag. I hear “tucking” is one of his many talents. :wink:


Man, your vast knowledge of this stuff is not a really good presentation card. Unless you’re looking for something I can’t offer.



I’m not really listening much. But interesting to hear a once top performer in the world.

The remaining members waited until 1998, nearly 17 months after Perry’s injury, before making a decision on Journey’s future. Growing impatient and realizing the window of opportunity was closing to follow up the success of the platinum-selling Trial By Fire LP with a world tour, Journey members Jonathan Cain and Neal Schon met with Perry and presented an ultimatum that he either undergo hip replacement surgery so the tour could proceed upon his recovery, or a replacement singer would be hired.[8] Still hesitant to undergo surgery and now apparently upset at his bandmates’ intractability and their perceived meddling in personal health decisions, Perry announced that he was permanently leaving Journey. His lead vocal duties were later taken over by Steve Augeri of Tall Stories, and nearly two years after the album’s initial release, Journey began its long-postponed tour.


Due to the death of Aretha Franklin, unusual repertoire for her, syncopated, and with feeling (not at all something I’d listen to again), but she definitely personalized it:

One of my go to favorite renditions, deeply beloved Bach Passion aria by the gorgeous Julia Hamari: