What are you listening to? (music edition)


I’m kind of tired of Aretha Franklin news but


Tucking really isn’t that difficult. There are plenty of instructional videos on YouTube. Good luck!



To me Steve Perry will always represent Journey.
Vision Quest, one of my favorite movies during my teen years, led off with one of their classics.


Good day for it.


In case you missed this hot new single on ICRT


Her voice isn’t bad, but that’s a really mediocre song.


Time for a quick Nick Lowe fix.





Just reminded me of this SB commercial, prob should go in the youtube thread but eh.



Well Holy Cow! Never thought anyone would get close , but pretty good voice there.
Edit… sorry pretty old news


Clubbers, 7 notes & 7 minutes. Played so often in the Clubs.


Love these two artists, both incredible as Soloists, but magic together. One of the best duets of all time. Kenny is smart in a tux, but his white/tan suita inspired me to encourage my tailor to help me find the cloth make a similar suit to the one he sported in the first public performance of “Lady”!


What is that song?


Sometimes the simple melodies are so haunting… HG Williams was kind enough to let my friend use this song in Taiwan for performances.

Course he made a real Balls of it as usual :rofl:
I actually played the Piano with him a few weeks ago . First time I have played for a long time.