What are you listening to? (music edition)


Thanks for the summary. I ultimately ended up not clicking. :sunglasses:


Doesn’t she have anyone advising her?


She doesn’t need anyone. She’s richer than god off her husband’s legacy.


Pretty much. Also, she’s an “artist” so “they wouldn’t understand.”

I don’t know if it’s confirmed yet, but she does get song writing credit on Imagine too. There are clips of John Lennon saying she deserves it but her contribution to the original song seems to just be a stupid poem she wrote that inspired him.


I suppose so, but she must be 80. Surely someone could have gently suggested to her that this really isn’t a good idea.


No. They were smart enough to just shut up and take her money.


It reminds me a bit of William Shatner’s attempts on classic songs, although you got the feeling that he was in on the joke.


I love Yoko


That explains a lot. :wink:



Second 22. I’m laughing my head off.


Finally listened to the Yoko song. It was so bad that tension started building up in my shoulders from all the cringing. :hushed:


I warned you . But you had to try. Taiwanese saying: “you can take a cow to Beijing, but it’s still a Cow”.



Good rock n blues vibe,


More indie to me, but not bad.






Damn fine song, even sadder with the demise of the artist.