What are you listening to? (music edition)


Yeah yeah I know Boyzone …I knew one of the guys and Stephen G’s death was a genuine shock to them. This song was for him and I thought it was quite catchy .



Bach is better, but this track inspires one to do great things.






Come all you rambling boys of pleasure
And ladies of easy leisure


A friend said me once that Faith No More was an imitation of Suicidal Tendencies. Come on…


I did some painting last night. This helped me not think. :banana:


That’s an odd thing to say!


Unless my memory is failing (and it wouldn’t be the first time!), I think that’s what he claimed. That Suicidal Tendencies started that modern metal thing and that Patton just copied them. Speaking of which, it was half hilarious half creepy how Patton mocked on RHCP after these had them out of most festivals because of the Californication incident. I mean, he’s a funny guy, in different ways.

I think I should go to sleep now!


Metallica has cited Suicidal Tendencies as an influence, but more in terms of attitude than musical style, as they sound completely different.


That’s interesting and unexpected. TBH I only had one record and it wasn’t really what I was into then… nor later. It’s a bit like Primus, some curiosity from the early metal scene in the USA that I had to check out and tried to like, but never listened to it that much.


I wouldn’t be surprised if FNM did either, but they developed a style it would be hard not to call unique. ST never went anywhere that interesting after the amazing debut, as far as I ever heard. I guess I’d have to listen to more to say more

Still into the first four records in varying degrees. The first album really made me take notice of metal, it would probably be on my list if I did one of those ten influential records things.


Maybe I should listen to those this week… Although I’m not in the mood for thrash metal now and my ears need some recovery time!

Should get ready now, weather is awesome!



They’re not quite there yet, but these guys show some promise.