What are you listening to? (music edition)


Song “Buckaroo” from Buck Owens and the Buckeroos. Hard not to play it only once (and turn up volume to hear the crisp sound recording).
Don Rich as guitarist on Fender Telecaster.
“Buckaroo” starts around 22:50 after Buck introduces Don.
The last #1 instrumental country song on the charts.
Youtube link taken from the band’s Live Carnegie Hall set (only 2nd country band to play there at that time).
Youtube has tons of episodes of The Bucks Owen Show if you like this and other Bakersfield sound music (beats all the fluff coming from Nashville nowadays).



[quote=“Ms. Fitzgerald”]Bibboo, bibboo, bee, ah.
Diddidn diddoo da bee boo ba.
Badoo mm doo mm booby oom ba dit deeda.[/quote]


SY playlist


This is cover of Bobby Womack’s tune “Harry Hippie,” done by a relatively unknown singer.

From Wikipedia:

The song was loosely based on Bobby’s brother’s carefree behavior and was originally recorded as a funny tribute to his brother, that turned tragic when Harry Womack was killed by his girlfriend during a fight in 1974. Ever since, Bobby Womack has sung the song as a dedication to his fallen late brother.[1]

Womack explains the story behind the song and its aftermath:

"Harry was the bass player and tenor for the brothers when we were the 

Valentinos. He lived a very carefree life. As a child he always said he wanted to live on an Indian reservation. We used to joke about it, but when we got older he was the same way. He always thought I wanted the materialistic things and I said, ‘I just want to do my music. My music put me into that comfortable territory.’ He didn’t want the pressure. We used to laugh and joke about the song when I’d sing it. When he was brutally killed in my home, it was by a jealous girlfriend who he’d lived with for five years. She fought a lot, violence. And in our home it was considered to be worth less than a man to fight a woman, so he didn’t fight back and she stabbed him to death. At the time I was in Seattle doing a gig and he was going to join me when we got back. Previously I had hired a new bass player because I felt it would help Harry’s relationship with his spouse if he wasn’t on the road. And that turned out to be very sour. He ended up losing his life behind it. At that time, “Harry Hippie” wasn’t a joke anymore; I had lost a brother. I still do that song in his honor today."

— Bobby Womack


Found this guy’s channel of mixes on YouTube. Purrfect stuff for a rainy afternoon.


Burning down the House


Great singer, amazing session musicians.



Just for this kind of weather.


Wo ai tai me, 我愛台妹,MC Hotdog


He’s baaack…



He’s aged surprisingly well…but his music hasn’t. It’s basically a bad Coldplay knock-off. Now can he please crawl back in his hole? Or maybe he’s just rick-rolling us?


Chinese-Indonesian gangster rap by a 16-year-old wearing a fanny pack…yes, it’s a thing!

Even Ghostface Killah and the Flatbush Zombies think it’s legit!



With Soupy Sales’ sons on bass and drums oddly enough.


Not really a Bruno Mars fan, but he’s been doing some fun retro funk numbers recently:


And this one:

seems to be informed by this Kendrick Lamar number:



A very mellow groove. I’m hearing some obscure sample in there I can’t quite place. Maybe Roberta Flack’s Feel Like Makin’ Love?


If I have to suffer in this heat, at least let me pretend we are in the Caribbean!!!


Coltrane refers to this tune as “Rushin’ Lullaby.” Don’t know what bebop is? This should help you understand.


Ghost discography~ Been on solid repeat for the past month or so


A forgotten 1970s Tejano classic by Freddy Fender. I love this guy’s voice: