What are you listening to? (music edition)




Just looks like a bunch of regular Forumosans :joy: Remember being impressed at the track , as it was just vocals. Seems so old now :sleepy:


I am still plagued by Man flu. :sleepy: These songs are for me :disappointed_relieved::sob:


Taiwanese song. Close friend of mine, hmmm, used to joke about marrying each other. I said she was too young :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I hate one-upmanship with a passion (it’s so stupid), so I won’t do that here.

In 1998 my ex-gf and I stayed in the Palmer House Hotel in Chicago, USA. Long story short, we managed to sneak into a corporate party for some Chicago company (neither of us ever figured out who) after we heard the absolute greatest blues guitar we’d ever heard playing somewhere in one of the number of vast halls there, in passing.

We heard it as we were heading out for the night; pure accident. Turns out it was Buddy Guy - and free corporate booze. Good booze. We just walked in. Nobody ever even asked for our IDs, even though we didn’t have the fobbed badges seemingly everybody else wore. Not once. Once the music began their security didn’t care.

It was a straight-up, 3-act blues concert - nothing tailored for corporate types. Pretty special.


Don’t think Tango was being arrogant or trying to score points? Girl I posted is not famous. I have been lucky/unlucky, to have met many celebs in my work, but if I ever mention any, it would be purely anecdotal. Grab another drink :sunglasses: :kissing_heart:


Oh no, I hope everybody can see that for the satire I meant it for.

I apologize for yielding to the temptation to one-up. Clearly guilty as charged!


Sorry, but you are obviously a Right-wing fanatic :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Product placement in this one is off the charts.


That song was used as a finale to won kar wai’s 90’s film fallen angels. Beautiful scene and track.


I was expecting the rest of Fantasie Impromptu …then it went all modern.:smiley:
Remember learning this when I was 19…a real struggle in the faster parts. My poor Mum used to insist I play for every visitor…arghhhh. It was a real pain, but I understand now.





Ah me too, mate! My piano teacher actually suggested I not learn it because it was not my level… got it in four nights. A classic!


Cool guitars and new wave vibe!




That trio is cool. someone showed me that video and some others from them. cool guys.