What are you listening to? (music edition)


I like Gloria Gaynor too.


Unfortunately, she’s no longer with us. A non-smoker who died of lung cancer. At least she’s safe from MM’s sweaty paws. :sunglasses:


Another amazing voice. Unfortunately, I Will Survive is a victim of massive overplaying.


The best version of it is one I saw once with like a massive crowd of frat boys singing along. I can’t find it though.



You Sir, are on the verge of being a Snollygoster :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Way above my pay grade.


DOes anyone really watch these vids of music other people like? I must admit I didn’t watch most of em…sorry
But since you asked (yes, I know you didn’t)…recent earworm is this one for me:

the original is so old, and im pretty sure it had no vocals.



now you are posting my stuff :grinning:


You can take @tommy525 out of Taiwan, but you can’t take Taiwanese taste in music out of @tommy525. :grin:


For the Doc



My daily favorite. Feeling 'ome away from home.


I knew this one, pretty funny and somewhat shocking.

Shocking as how many times @shiadoa mentions me without using the @ :ponder:



I will second that comment with a few more vids:


it is harder to type @mad_masala , using only 2 fingers


It has an autosuggestion, just wait for the options to show up. Otherwise @maoman might think you are calling him names.


I know, but sometimes I don’t like to bother people . If they follow the thread, they will see. If I want to call maoman names , I can just call him on the phone :wink: More importantly , did you ever see the Jimney girl since>?