What are you listening to? (music edition)



Savage reinterpretation by Julie of Coltrane’s signature tune.

In all seriousness the Coltrane recording can be said to have changed the course of popular music being as it introduced modes and modal approaches to the western pallet. Without modes vast swathes of rock wouldn’t have happened. The Doors “Light My Fire” as an early example and a whole lot of heavy metal. Heavy metal guitarists are now required to learn all the modes in all keys in the various schools of rock.



Well, Iwas listening to this because today I heard this at the office, and I was like WTF. I tried to explain where that tune came from to a coworker, but these youngsters know nothing (although there’s a new “Mary Poppins” movie on the theaters now):



Wasn’t that Miles Davis?


I thought it was Gong Xi Gong Xi.


Together on the Kind of Blue album and then separately.


Yeah, that’s what I read.





That guy looks like an Indian John Oates. :grin:



That ass looks like a pumped up balloon. Weird. I’d like to inspect it in person but I can’t guarantee what I’d do next. Really unsure about it.


I know exactly what I’d do.


Use a pin to see if it’s real? What if it’s not and it explodes in your face?


I’m pretty sure the explosion will come from somewhere else. And I don’t make a habit of sticking pins in people. You should try it.



This one was sooo great!


All their stuff is great.