What are you listening to? (music edition)


Jon Wayne - Texas Wine

It’s not just about the obviously legendary psycho-country music with this song, it’s also about the kick-ass drums.



Love the mellow groove and the voice on the first song:




Rock the Casbah-The Clash


“How far are y’all going?” Ruby asked us with a sigh.
"We’re going all the way, till the wheels fall off and burn,
"Till the sun peels the paint, and the seat covers fade, and the water moccasin dies."
Ruby just smiled and said, “Oh, you know, some babies never learn.”

But I keep trying to remember that movie, though. . . .


Paloma Faith


The real deal.


Joe Cocker before he was singing theme songs for Hollywood movies. What a difference a couple decades makes.


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old thread but what is going round on the radio in your part of the world right now?

This one is big on the radio these days in the bay area:




Love the tune and love the way the teacher dances !



A lot of the Mars Volta lately. Been turned on by Brother KK


In honor of his passing (April 15). No better guitar player on the planet. Just about every time I listen to him I think, “Why do I bother?” Velvet Darkness is his first solo album and probably most rock-oriented of his work. Listen to just the first track and you’ll hear where 95% of guitar gymnasts learned their tricks.

Who said it (mix n’ match):

  1. “Allan Holdsworth single-handedly reinvented electric guitar.”

  2. “He is the best in my book.”

  3. “Allan plays things so advanced I can’t even understand some of it.”

A. John McLaughlin
B. Frank Zappa
C. Eddie Van Halen


This guy obviously had some mad skillz, but the music is so…prog.


C, A & B?


Was reading CTI released that album behind his back, and he hated it lol. Will give a good listen.