What are you listening to? (music edition)


Bolero? Did someone say Bolero?


“Beck’s Bolero”:

Bonus! Ravel’s Boléro (à la Joe Walsh) from about 3:27 to 4:42 (edited to add: at about 1:43 to 3:05, Walsh seems to be “quoting” or riffing off the segment of “Beck’s Bolero” that is heard at about 0:36 to 1:10 in the recording above–so it’s, like, bolerola, or even bolero bonanza!), followed by Walsh’s take on Vince Guaraldi’s “Cast Your Fate to the Wind” from about 4:53 to 5:56:

[quote]You wonder how it might have been
Had you not cast your fate to the wind.[/quote]
–Carel Werber (music by Vince Guaraldi)


George Acosta - Lostworld


He is GG.


Bailando after a long time


On reflection, I deleted the video (the song was Czech singer Marta Kubišová’s cover of “Hey Jude”) because it contains arguably-not-suitable-for-work scenes (of the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia).

I’ll just chuck something more innocuous in here:

By the way, I read somewhere that there was a third n in that particular spelling of the surname (thus, Gunnn).

[quote]My love, she’s like some raven
At my window with a broken wing.[/quote]



Lots of online radio stations here with many genres:

Listening to the trance station - The Trip.


The first part made me think, oh gee, this will be lame. Then I heard the second part and decided to listen till the end. :slight_smile:


My favorite non-Marvin cover of Heard It Through the Grapevine. Awesome extended guitar solo.


Same here, but it’s always been hilarious to me how Fogerty pronounces ‘heard’. It is definitely one of those songs that feels a lot shorter than it is. Worth the 10 minute length.

Lately, I’ve been trying to consume the new Prince Purple Rain Remaster.

It’s a 3 CD set plus a DVD of a 1985 concert. The first disc is a remaster of the original album, which is highly compressed but still sounds okay overall. The second disc has a lot of unreleased material from around that period (where most of the exciting material lies for me, personally). Third disc is material taken from the 7" and 12" singles (most of which was unreleased on CD). So for a Prince fan, it’s great. Casual fan, maybe not so much.

It’s incredibly frustrating that Warner Taiwan have not released this album, though. And it doesn’t look like they’re thinking about it. Taiwan recently did get Joshua Tree and Sgt. Pepper remasters/deluxe editions, albeit a few weeks late. I had to get this one from amazon.


This one is really hitting the spot these last two days. A little tenderness from the Matriarch of the Blues.


I’m a Prince fan, but maybe one of the few who isn’t wild about Purple Rain. I think it has something to do with how it was massively overplayed at the time. A victim of its own success, I guess (like Thriller). My favorite Prince album is still Dirty Mind.



Just listened to (and enjoyed) that whole video. I may have seen/heard that concert before because I remember him yelling “bitch!” at the end of Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad. Had forgotten about the song Broken too, so it was a worth a revisit.

I was still pretty young in 1984 so I didn’t really notice much Purple Rain hype. That definitely helps. The 1978 to 1988 period, I really have no favorite album. If I did, it probably wouldn’t be Purple Rain either.

I hope they start churning out remastered/deluxe albums though; there hasn’t been much since he died.



The rumor is true: Mick Jagger and Janis Joplin did have a daughter. After working as a librarian for some years, she has made her debut and is rockin’ as hard as you might guess, considering her heritage.


For your consideration:


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Oh yeah? It gets worse:


I’m not watching any of those videos, sorry.