What are you listening to? (music edition)



How do you sleep worth another listen

or 20. Wicked!



People under 40: listen and learn. You’re welcome.

I dreamed I was in a Hollywood movie
And that I was the star of the movie
This really blew my mind
The fact that me, an overfed long-haired leaping gnome
Should be the star of a Hollywood movie



War is one of my all-time favorites.

It’s literally impossible not to like this one:

Or this one:


Yes, impossible not to like those tunes.


I was listening to the mixes of George Acosta all day


BUT before turning off my PC I found this.


No hating please, I like her lol


Listening to this right now, haters gonna hate.


I often listen to live streaming musics on the Twitch.
If the icons show pictures then they are on line, otherwise, they are hosting other streamers or off-line.




They are really good singers.


Running for politics in USA


This one for some reason. Maybe because the world is so strange lately is nice to have some life suggestions.


I am a bit … confused about the new releases from Wang Leehom. So are the critics, from what I have read. But the video is cool.

I am also in a remember the 90s dance phase. Helps to keep me working at a good pace.





Almost forgot about these guys (well, mostly the gal). Rediscovered them last week or so and have been on a binge since. My scotch glasses have been getting more use starting at about the same time.


I watched/listened to bits and pieces of the charity concert for the late Chester Bennington. It was pretty rough seeing and hearing the band without him. LP was got me through my teen years!

You can’t really be harsh on the guest singers singing Chester’s parts, you just know that his voice was definitely one of kind and could not be mimicked.


Wow, if Linkin Park is all it took to get you through your teen years, you must’ve had it pretty easy. I had to listen to Black Flag and Suicidal Tendencies. :sunglasses:


Normally listen to Pandora these days tuned to Modern Flamenco artists such as





with some CCR and the like thrown in. Probably my fav from cCr:

Wifey gets in the car, then its Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez et al