What are you listening to? (Part 3)

Oh man, I love The Pod, especially Captain Fantasy, but especially Pollo Asado.

Since Halloween is two days away, its nonstop Black Sabbath.

I once heard Henry Rollins propose a religion based on the first four Black Sabbath albums. I’m finding that idea harder and harder to contradict.

Some early Ofra Haza:

youtube.com/watch?v=O2xNTzlF … re=related

Allen Toussaint, “The Bright Mississippi”
-jar whiskey jazz, New Orleans style - fuck. Trumpeter Nicholas Peyton excels. :thumbsup:

Sarah Jarosz, “Song Up In Her Head”
-clawhammer banjo, Ralph Stanley style - my kind of kid. Nineteen-year old Texan, currently corralled at the New England Conservatory of Music, writin’ bluegrass for grrls (and me). Bluebonnets in spring, I swear. :thumbsup:

I got a CD of the twentieth anniversary edition of Nigel Kennedy’s Four Seasons. I didn’t use to like it, but I see where he’s coming from now.

Sade’s new album just was released. It ain’t her old stuff, but it’s better than what crap they are calling music these days.


Bollywood soundtracks.

Monsoon wedding


and a new one I can’t even spell…

Yppah - You are beautiful at all times

it’s pretty good for this kind of music.

autechre 12 hour radio mix from this week :slight_smile: torrent up at isohunt etc

Billy Bragg - William Bloke

[quote=“Chewycorns”]Some early Ofra Haza:

youtube.com/watch?v=O2xNTzlF … re=related[/quote]
Wow! That’s something we can agree on.

Damn! But that’s reminded me, THIS is seriously . . . where is the beautiful music thread?


“The Big To-Do,” Drive-By Truckers

Way sweet American music, come this spring of 2010. :thumbsup:

“This Fucking Job” in HD, bringin’ it.

I like earworms so I keep listening to the same songs over and over for months :loco:

Enya…sail away sail away

[quote=“Tempo Gain”]

and I am the owl! can’t believe I forgot about that one :slight_smile:[/quote]

One more this might be the best one

I made my first couple of CD purchases in a long time on a visit home to Canada recently. Picked up the “new” Jimi Hendrix - Valleys Of Neptune. There are indeed some new previously unreleased songs on it, as well as some nifty new versions of others. The stepped up version of Stone Free is awesome.

Also picked up, on recommendation from a good friend, the Them Crooked Vultures album. Interesting lineup: Dave Grohl from Nirvana/Foo Fighters, Joshua Homme from Kyuss, and John Paul Jones from…Led Zeppelin. :thumbsup:

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Watch The Throne, Jay-Z and Kanye West. Eminently listenable, bordering on true excellence (if you can forgive the sampling). Released only yesterday (12-Aug), I predict this will be huger than huge, and will dominate American wedding receptions come spring 2012. Exemplary tracks: Otis (feat. Otis Redding), Murder to Excellence, Made in America, Why I Love You, Illest Motherfucker Alive.

As an aside, there’s something about Jay-Z that reminds me of Sinatra at his best. Not sure what that is yet, frankly.


Otis Redding Complete and Unbelievable Dictionary of Soul

The BBC are playing a series of programs about the Old Grey Whistle Test at 40


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