What are you listening to? (Part 3)


Because you’re, like, an uncultured philistine? Figures it would take a Southerner to lecture a Canadian on good music. Anyway, both Chairs Missing and Pink Flag are totally excellent in the same vein, though much more loud, abrasive, and punkier. On a good day, Pink Flag may be my favorite punk album.

On topic: the greatest and most influential American band of the '60s (ask Tom Petty and R.E.M. and Wilco and any guitarist who’s done the jingle-jangle). The only band to make a #1 hit out of quoting Ecclaisteses (sic, sorry forgot exact spelling). To everything, turn, turn, turn… “Transcendent” is I believe the proper adjective.

Cheers to Roger McGuinn and Gene Clarke and Chris Hillman and Gram Parsons. I may have it even my heart to say hello that living walrus David Crosby, just for being for a short time in tbe one good band that fat old crackhead’s ever been in.


That is the B-Y-R-D-S, by the way.


Begging the question, then: what is it on a bad day?


Damned Damned Damned


BTW, heads up you folks in Taipei (and Taichung): I just got back from a gig by a French punk band by the name of Dimi Dero in the 335 bar in Tainan, and they totally smoked, even though there were less than two dozen people in the audience. 99% of the live bands I get to see in Tainan suck, but these dudes put on an awesome show. They’re playing Taichung tomorrow and Taipei for three nights this weekend, and I heartily recommend them. Sorry, I forgot the names of the bars…do a search on Google. Really nice guys, too, hung out a bit after the show. Snuck in an awesome cover of Motorhead’s “Ace of Spades” - everybody was talking about that after the show.


I saw Dimi Dero at the Party Animal last night and they are indeed awesome, even with the Animal’s many and varied equipment failures. Go see them!


One hundred and one assorted construction cranes, bulldozers, etc at work. At 10 at night.

Wait, headphones on. Now I’m listening to some cracking disco. Much better.


What am I listening to? Cambodian pop, but not your normal Mando/Canto/Thai influenced modern paff, this is sixties surf guitar meets psychedelia meets Cambodian/Laotian/Thai folk/pop (Mow Lam), 60s Cambodian pop, taken back to LA session musos and translated via a Cambodian pop diva. Sounds weird, but it is stunning stuff. Dengue Fever is the band - see their home page here.

Aside from one of the best cover pics I’ve seen in ages, they freakin’ rock!

Try for example this video of Seeing hands - By Dengue Fever.

Their first album is essentially covers of classic sixties Cambodian pop. The second they write some of their own, in English and translate it into Cambodian, and their third (above is a mix of all the above and some English tunes.

A major influence is the pre-Khmer Rouge pop from the likes of Ros Sereysothea, the subject of the movie, Golden Voice Girl.

And Sinn Sisamouth

Both of whom were killed by the Khmer Rouge. Here is these two doing Chnam Oun 16 (I’m sixteen, which is also covered by Dengue Fever. thecoleranch.com/Chnam_oun_16.mp3

Great stuff!



i like, was hoping for a psychedelic guitar jam at the end of i’m 16 though lol. maybe a little bit like it must have felt to slip a new album on back in the 60’s, nice.


Some twangy guitar? Try this one:

Dengue Fever - One Thousand Tears Of A Tarantula



On the subject of great album covers I’ve always liked these two



I’m listening to Bob Dylan at the moment.

Some of my fav’s:
The Velvet Underground
Belle & Sebastian
The Pillows
Death Cab For Cutie


I’ve been listening to Blur and Warren Zevon best ofs, and the Foo Fighters first album lately.


at the moment I listen to Erykah Badu (New AmErykah), One Republic (Dreamin out loud) and the danish band Nephew (UsaDsb)


I was just listening to David Cook :slight_smile:


It sizzles.


Today I’m mostly listening to the Fratellis and the Arctic Monkeys


This song has stayed with me all day long for a few days now. The gentle power of the singer, a giant Hawaiian man who passed away some ten years ago, strikes me in a deep place. Brings me peace in a hectic world. Enjoy.



Right now i’m trying out Viva La Vida (Coldplays latest album)… It’s kinda ‘meh’.

Usually i llisten to:

Alkaline trio
Manfred Mann
The Decemberists
Green Day

By the way, Tomas, is that the version of Somewhere over the Rainbow that they use in all of the movies? I think it is…


New Wedding Present album, new The Fall album.