What are you listening to? (Part 3)


Oh and some country guy that the chief introduced me to.


Porcupine Tree: Fear of a Blank Planet.


Johnny Cash - Big John
Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson - Ghost Riders in The Sky

Meh…fawk it. Anything done by Willie, Johnny, and Merle is doing me justice right now.


Now I realise this isn’t to everyone’s taste, but I like mowlam, or Thai country, as it’s often called. Here’s Pornchita, or Benz, doing a pop favourite mowlam song.

Usual rags to riches story - in this case by practising the scales as a youngster (thus the name, Do rae me).

I should admit that one of the things I really like about mowlam is the dancing girls. Usually the singer is matched with at least a dozen shapely lasses, all of whom would topple her in an instant by whatever means they could.



Ros Sereysothea. Wow! What can I say?

Bong Srolanh Oun Ponman Dae - Ros Sereysothea



Someone has to copy this off the net - Wu Bai . . . and . . . and . . . 五佰&萬芳-愛情限時批

Taiwan womanhood at very powerful mode.



Wu Bai Peitong



Lucky last.

Wubai - Shi Jie Di Yi Deng (live)



Regurgitator - Tu Plang. What a great debut album that was. Haven’t listened to it in about 10 years, even though I was at the album launch gig in 1996.

Here’s a vid. youtube.com/watch?v=F2Ht3hGcPzk


Emusic gave me 75 free tracks if I signed up again, so I did for a month. And I discovered a band called Iris (I knew Aunty played the guitar, but I didn’t know he was that good), synthy poppy, very catchy.

Here’s one: youtube.com/watch?v=h2Vwka5C … re=related

And Howard Jones, he’s still going and better than ever.


Ah, CFI mages: i had a full 'gurge day yesterday. i have almost everything they’ve done from New and Hamburger EPs through to most of MishMash. …Art is a killer fave, and TuPlang of course.

today i’ve had a full blondie day. from 1976 through to 1980 (i won’t stoop to Hunter). oh, and some bootlegs in concert with Iggy pop, and David Bowie, and robert fripp…

tomorrow might be a relaxing day of Air, or maybe some atmospheric Eno or Frippertronics: i’ve an horrible book chapter to whip into shape (i mean, rewrite) uuurrrrgghhhh.


I was absolutely serious about how Fat Elvis rules the hell over Skinny Elvis.

I’ve just played “In the Ghetto” 3x in a row and tears are in my eyes. How many Skinny Elvis songs can make you cry? Now I’m on to “Suspicious Minds” the greatest song that man ever sang, which kicks the hell all over anything he sang in the Sun Sessions. Anyone who tries to argue that “Hound Dog” or “Don’t Be Cruel” is a better song is a fool.

“We’re caught in a trap
and we can’t back out
Because I love you too much baby…”

Man, pop music doesn’t get any better than that. And I’m not even gay. This is certainly better than anything off of 69 Love Songs or ABBA. I’m going to have to play “Suspicious Minds” again for the 5th or 63rd time.


Rise by Samantha James.
She will be at room 18 tomorrow, but so will typhoon Sinlaku …


Having another blast of classic Aussie music today.

Beasts of Bourbon “Black Milk” this morning.

Spiderbait at the moment.


Coleman Hawkins: Desfinado: Bossa Nova and Jazz Samba.

Tension … starting … to … dissipate…


[quote]“We’re caught in a trap
and we can’t back out
Because I love you too much baby…”[/quote]
Dunno about the Elvis version, but the cover that figures in my pantheon is by Fine Young Cannibals with Jimmy Somerville on backing vocals.


When I hear about scamming evangelists I always have to drag out Cryptic Slaughter–Circus of Fools

“You’re detached from reality!
You’re brainwashed through and through
Start believing in yourself
And don’t let others preach to you”


When I think of scamming evangelists I think of Suicidal Tendencies’ “Send Me Your Money”

If you only send me a dollar or two
Well, there’s not a hell of a lot I can do for you
If you want to the light of heaven’s door
Make your donation for $50 or more!


The first couple of Band albums.

It’s amazing how a group of whitebread, frost-bitten Canadians could capture my people’s culture so authentically. Perhaps having a genuine Arkie (Levon Helm) in their midst helps, as well as touring Mississippi/Lousiana/Arkansas for 10 years with Fayetteville, AR’s answer to Elvis, Ronnie Hawkins. I mean, hell, only someone who was seriously steeped in the South could write “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down” or someone seriously steeped in the Ozarks could write “Up On Cripple Creek”. I don’t know if any of these guys had a PhD. in anthropology, but they nailed the sound of the hillbilly American South pretty good for a bunch of foreigners. Of course, they cut their teeth as a working band spending 10 years in the hardest redneck bars in north Arkansas, so I guess they earned their authenticity.

Not even native son Johnny Cash (born a county apart from my birthplace) could do a better version of “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down”.


Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake the Small Faces.

Out of all of these bands: The Small Faces, the Faces, the Yardbirds, Led Zeppelin, Humble Pie, The Jeff Beck Band, the Firm, Page & Plant, Pete Townsend & Ronnie Lane (did a great album together as a duo, I must say)…my favorite of all of these very related bands is…the Who! But the Small Faces are a nice second place. “It’s all sooo beauuuutiiifuuullll…!” did anyone pen a better hippy-dippy anthem about getting stoned in the park?