What are you reading? Political Books


Yup. He’s hilarious and talks power structure and how a few good minded folks can clean the rust off the machine every now and again. A senator from Alaska pulled a knife on him on the House floor ffs.

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Have you read this? I’m probably going to pick it up as my next political book.


I tried to get it today but the 100 year old lady said it hadn’t come out yet. It reads real good from what I’ve read about it in the filthy Capitalist rags.

Haven’t decided about reading this new release.

Hatchet Man

Topical- may be already overtaken by events.

I’m nearing the end of the Boehner book. idk if he’s setting himself or Paul Ryan up for a run in 2024, but the book has been a great middle of the road read. He was NOT a fan of the political bell enders, ie, the Tea Party wackos or the modern dem-Squad. He thinks good bills can still get passed with bipartisan support if people would stop demanding 100% wins for their side. He was proud of W Bush’s No Kid Left Behind policy and says the lunch lady union was tough as nails. He thinks TARP did the job it was intended to do and all the money was paid back.

His take on the bell enders though takes more time than I have to go into atm. Essentially though, when the Senate doesn’t have the bipartisan votes to pass, say, the ACA and rams it through just because they hold the reigns in the Executive and Legislative branches, the midterm curse will come for them. As it did in 2010 with the ascendance of the Tea Partiers. Recall that the left didn’t come back politically at the time, they did the Occupy Wall Street stuff. These, “knuckleheads” as Boehner calls them were overzealous 100%ers who made bipartisanship a near impossibility. He loathes Ted Cruz.

His anchors, in the Stoic sense, were his high school football coach and President Ford.

It’s a VERY good book, and insightful for all side of the political spectrum and those just observing.

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Looks interesting.

he should do a follow up now that the federal government wants to essentially make it a crime to not get Trump’s extremely effective vaccines. :whistle:

And speaking of Bob fullashit Woodward (He also lied through his teeth about CIA Director Casey’s deathbed confession), he has a new book out

I’mma go ahead and call bullshit on this one too.

This looks interesting.