What are you watching (TV) 2019

Alright, sounds good. I’ll give it another go. I love the Red Dragon story so it’s cool if they managed to fit it in somehow.

Did you try The Sinner? There’s a second season I haven’t seen yet, but the first was pretty cool.

I have not. I’ll look into it, thanks.

Oh my god, I watched The Masked Singer. I got the appeal but if you are not from US or did not grow up in US arts and entertainment culture, you are surely be clueless.

The only one that I can guess is the poodle. Margaret Cho

I’m in the final episode of Surviving R Kelly.

It was really a hard show to watch. First two episodes in, I was so disturbed.

Currently watching too: Titans, AGT Champions.

I recall the judges said that about the poodle too. I have nothing to go on but it feels like something she’d do.

Only got 5 episodes into Surviving R. Kelly. Will get around to finishing it. Seriously, does anybody want to buy some R. Kelly CDs/vinyls?

The whole spiel of his incarcerated brother on how R Kelly’s fetish is with young and minor kids are nothing but fetish just like his fetish with older women makes me want to vomit. Good thing, he is in jail.

It adds to my anger on how he abuse the minors and instead of giving them the right attention and love, he actually used them like sex toys.

Oh yeah, the older brother seemed to not understand what the big deal was. That stuck out to me too. Even if his point is that sometimes you can’t help what your fetish is, he completely ignores the fact that R. Kelly’s been actively victimizing children for decades.

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To add, it’s not even just having a romantic affair with minor, he is turning them into (unpaid) sex slaves.

Black Mirror : BanderSnatch

I just finished Thai Series called The Gifted.

So I just started a new series on Netflix last night, Sunderland 'Til I Die, an 8-episode (each is roughly 45 minutes long) documentary series about Sunderland AFC.

Sunderland was relegated from the EPL to the EFL Championship in 2016-2017, and their 2017-2018 season in the EFL Championship is the subject of this series. Things do not go well for Sunderland, in fact they go almost comically bad. It’s also a deep dive into this area in England, where the team’s support for more than a century has come from a working-class community that itself has fallen on hard times. Pretty gritty stuff.

It’s not Hard Knocks but so far it’s very good. The show uses highlights from its early Championship games to great effect in sketching its downfall. The tension created is palpable and you get a real sense of a grim numbness that sets in after a while. The EFL must be very difficult to manage in: teams like Sunderland and others are used to competing in the EPL, the team revenue from television is cut by more than 60%, and you get the idea that some of the players are just looking for a way off the team, a way out, any way that’s up and away.

Highly binge-able if you like team sports.

Did they end up making the playoffs?

They actually finished 24/24. Like I said, it’s gritty.

Murder Mountain on netflix was good.


New thread is here, guys. What are you watching (TV) 2019

@bojack I was just discussing how great your show is.

Yeah, for a while I felt like it was the same old formula again, but it broke out of it nicely.

Hi, I want to watch Cobra Kai, aka the only good paid content on YouTube. But stupid YouTube Red/Premium (whatever it’s known by these days) is not officially available in Taiwan. Is there any way to bypass the block and get it anyway?

I’m 9 episodes into S1 of Lucifer, kinda entertaining for a night in. Good episodic storylines as well as a great backstory.

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Gotham continues to become richer and more darkly complex in the third episode of season 5.

we continue with the development of the situation in Gotham being cut off from the rest of the world effectively. The city is divided up into districts controlled by different gangs, the episode begins with a motorcycle gang taking revenge on penguin for his supposed attack on their game, although we know this is really the Riddler’s plot coming to fruition. Penguin apparently convinced them of this fact and then they decide to work together to get back Penguins followers who have all fled to Jim Gordon’s Haven in the green zone.

Then we continue the quite rapid and dramatic development of Selina Kyle into the future Catwoman(due to the seed that restored her spine in last episode). There’s a badass street fights awhere Bruce takes out for 5 street gang types while Selena takes on a an armored cyberpunk/altered early version of electro shocker. although he doesn’t get to use the shocks. Once Selena gets the upper hand,she’s vicious, striking him with claws multiple times to the throat and face to get him to tell where is Jerome. Only Bruce stops her from probably killing them out. they set out to find Jerome.

Back to the green zone where Penguin and the motorcycle gang rush in and get in a standoff with Jim Gordon,which ends up to the police surrendering because they have no ammo. Jim Gordon gets locked up. Penguin gets in an argument with the motorcycle gang ha who could have seen that one coming especially after the way he treated the guy had locked up for days. Penguin is locked up with Jim Gordon.In a deus ex machina kind of thing, which is not unexpected in this genre, the young orphan who Jim Gordon saved now shows up with their means to escape, a can opener to cut the duct tape. Why they’re not handcuffed when they’re in a police station?

Bruce and Selina find the Church of Jerome and watch the service rather overtly, especially considering they’re the only ones dressed in black. Compared to the others who look like they
are young members of the Mormon church with their white shirts and ties. Selena asks to join the initiate’s ritual. Jerome’s High Priestess-type accepts her, but seems to know something is not right. As they ramp-up the violence, both physical and psychic in this series, as the characters mature, this is a particularly Jerome-esque version of Russian Roulette. The participants are put in a drained pool and each is given a revolver with one bullet. they Circle up pointing at the head of one in front of them with a gun pointed behind their own head. On the count of three they all must pull the trigger. Cut to Bruce kicking ass when he hears the gunshots, we come back to see that two are dead and Selena has apparently broken the rules by stopping the one behind her from firing by inserting her finger in the trigger guard. The other living ones get an A+ and are dismissed and Jerome’s High Priestess engages in first a verbal and then a physical confrontation with Selena, Selena is winning and is going to shoot her,but when Bruce calls out Selena gets stabbed and the high priestess escapes in an elevator, taunting Selena. Selena handcuffs Bruce to the elevator gate and says,” I tried it your way. now I’m going to try it my way “and leaves.

Back to the green zone where Penguin and Jim Gordon return with cops with plenty of ammo. they get the drop on the gangsters and kill most of them. the inhabitants of the green zone start chanting “Penguin, Penguin, Penguin…”and he feels better about himself. He also gets his dog back.
Jim Gordon gives a little speech, again thanks the kid, gives him a badge and says be my deputy, kid. Major fridging alert.
Everyone Gordon cares about seems to be a target eventually.

Gordon goes out to speak to Penguin. Penguin expects to be thanked. Gordon does admit that he finally did the right thing even though he was the one who put them all in danger in the first place. We’ve seen this same old respectful and extremely grudging way between the two of them, but it’s nothing new. it seems that they may have done this bit of normal banter on purpose to let us relax at the end before the big shock.

The entire Courtyard of buildings surrounding where Gordon,Penguin and a few other people are all of a sudden explodes with massive a massive blast. everyone is knocked off their feet.when Gordon, of course, stands up first, he looks at the buildings as if he’s going to run and help and freezes, as does the audience,when it’s obvious that there is total Destruction. I was too optimistic, not only did the kid get it, most, if not all the people Gordon was supposed to take care of, just got murdered.

I see Gordon becoming unhinged in the next episode and going full Punisher on whoever was responsible for this, with Penguins help. Wouldn’t be surprised if this got the gov’t on the mainland to send in some psycho type anti-terrorist special secret squads.

Get a VPN like NordVPN.

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Masked Singer - I was right with Poodle haha.