What are you watching (TV) 2019



Yeah, I knew there was a reason I didn’t like Ja Rule. Well, there’s many reasons. But his event planning seems as awful as his rapping skills. And that Billy guy has a smile a used car salesman wouldn’t trust.

Hey, thanks, man. Mmmmn… cake. :yum:


I guess that makes sense. You were on a famous TV show back in the 90s… :horse:


Ja rule being a co-owner should have raised a red flag lol.


I watched the one on Netflix over the weekend. Gotta admit I loved it, too.

I couldn’t believe the McFarland guy would have the gall to turn around and use the mailing list he built from Fyre to try and hustle the same people - while he was on probation for the Fyre fraud and for non-existent tickets. Guy’s a chickenshit and an idiot. Felt sorry for the island residents, but the show is worth watching.

And yeah @Andrew0409, Ja Rule does not make a good impression.


It’s lots of fun. Recommended. May need to put on your pirate eye patch.


I did get around to watching it. Turns out you can buy the episodes individually, just not buy YouTube premium as a package. So that makes it more expensive of course. It’s about 90 NTD an eppy. My wife wasn’t happy when she saw the bill, but whatever.


Details. details… :sunglasses:


I’m almost finished with the Ted Bundy documentary mini-series on NetFlix ‘Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes.’ Shit is intense. And crazy. Well-made documentary too, if you can stomach this kinda lurid stuff.


Need to be in the mood for dat.


Seeing as I will be stuck in Taipei and bored senseless for the next week or so, I could be in the mood for that. I also wanna watch "The Assassination of Gianni Versace ". For those into “Luther” meets “The Wire” style British TV dramas, check out “In the Line of Duty”. Very addictive.


I highly recommend Russian Doll on Netflix. Another time loop show, like Groundhog Day or Edge of Tomorrow, set in New York. Eight episodes, each under 30 minutes - unlike most Netflix shows, it’s the perfect length for what it is, with no padding. The only issue I had with it is that you know it’s a time loop show going in, so that first loop - 20 minutes or so? - takes an awfully long time as you wait for it to “get to the point”. I’ll be rewatching it eventually - many tiny details become relevant when they reappear in later episodes. And it totally sticks the landing: very mild spoilers follow … perhaps the most interesting and thought-provoking ending I’ve seen since The Sopranos wrapped up.

Just started Killing Eve (bought from iTunes Canada) last night. Excellent so far. Sandra Oh is great (nothing new there) as a bright but somewhat bumbling intelligence officer; Jodie Comer is fantastic as the assassin - pure psychopath, with great little touches of her mimicking the smiles of waiters or laughter she hears on the radio, because she knows she doesn’t do emotions but also realizes feigning those emotions helps her out on the job.

Finished season 3 of Travellers last week. Solid time travel show set in the present day: time travelers from the future try to change history so the world doesn’t get completely messed up. Now cancelled, but the show does end, so that’s good - there’s a decent conclusion. (The lack of which remains the reason I still haven’t watched Deadwood!)

Oh, and I’ve recommended The Expanse before, but I gather it just showed up on Amazon Prime (it’s now gone from Netflix). If you like sci-fi, and absolutely if you liked the Battlestar Galactica reboot, you must watch this show! It keeps getting better and better - Season 3 was excellent. Season 4 is coming sometime later this year.


Anybody watch Big Mouth on Netflix? Man, that’s a funny adult cartoon! They have a new Valentine’s episode out.


Just finished Black Earth Rising on Netflix about the Rwanda genocide. Highly recommend it. Gripping stuff.


I watched 24 minutes and want to choke myself, or someone, probably one of the actors.



Cheers, I will give it a go. Binged watched “The Assassination of Gianna Versace: American Crime story”. I quite enjoyed it. Tense, lots of time shifts and back stories, great soundtrack.


If you like The Expanse, you might want to check out Altered Carbon.


I did, pretty much when it first came out last year. Part of me thinks I didn’t really like it all that much - my goodness some of it was silly! - but, well, I also watched the whole thing in one weekend, so I certainly liked it at one level. Lots of cleverness in the show, and some great visuals, with acting that didn’t quite cut it for me and a story that fell apart in the back half. When your most interesting character is a sentient hotel, you know the show is simultaneously both fantastic and flawed. Oh, and the Latina grandmother (?) was also incredible.

Weirdest thing for me about that show was that one of the women who spends a lot of time naked (which, um, is most of them - as I said, parts of the show were silly) was a classmate long long ago. “Huh, I’m seeing way more of this woman than I ever thought I would.” (And damn, normally I’m moderately content with how my body is handling the inevitable ravages of time, but looking at her, I sure as hell felt like I’ve let my body go.)


I really enjoyed it myself



I tried to watch Jessica Jones, I really did. I made it to the end of the first episode and one of us, JJ or me, ran out of steam. I liked the lead actress, the story was fairly interesting, but I just didn’t find it compelling. I never cared enough to start the second episode.

So many shows on Netflix are the same, less than compelling. I loved the first season of Ozark, but I struggled to make it through the first episode of season 2. Same with Stranger Things; I made it through the first episode of the second season and never went back. Same with Bloodline. Bird Box, eh. Apostle, eh. Outlaw King, eh. The Haunting of Hill House, eh.

There are exceptions. Bojack Horseman. Better Call Saul. Ted Bundy. Narcos. Maybe one or two more.

I’m not interested in even starting Russian Doll or the Umbrella Academy. Roma? Maybe later.

I think my days with Netflix are numbered.