What are you watching (TV) 2019



They’re just not my type of movie/show. I think they try to make too many netflix originals and not enough quality ones.

The punisher is decent, the fight scenes are brutal.


Maybe this is it. There was an Italian mob series, Gomorrah, that they streamed but that they had nothing to do with. Dubbed in English but still one of the best shows I’ve ever seen on television, right up there with The Sopranos and Breaking Bad. This level of television isn’t easy for anybody to do, but Netflix would be better off acquiring the good stuff because they just don’t cut it as producers imo.


I finally got around to watching the Pacific from HBO.


The Good Place is on Netflix and very funny. I’m on my third watch through after convincing my partner to watch with me. It’s very addictive!


The Umbrella Academy, you guys should watch it on Netflix.


looks cheesy


Dirty John right now.


Just started watching The Umbrella Academy. Hmmm.


I’m not really a Downton Abbey kind of guy. But I started watching it and liked it and that led me to other period series for binge watching like The Tudors and Versailles that are somewhat or not semi historic.

Better Call Saul, Breaking Bad, Ozarks, Billions, GOT, House of Cards, some Black Mirror, some others.


If you like period pieces mixed with some magic, you can’t go wrong with the BBC’s Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell. Set in the early 19th century, it’s based on the novel of the same name and about a resurrection of magic in Napoleon-era Britain.

Although I’ve never watched any of the Harry Potter movies (or read any of JK Rowling’s novels), I still think of this as Harry Potter for adults.

Used to be on Netflix, but I don’t see it listed here in Taiwan (I think some episodes may be available on yt, though). High binge-factor, so you might want to have some time set aside before you start.


Binge watch Manifest.

The Masked Singer finale was amazing.

I need more episodes of How to Get Away with Murder.


After Life, Ricky Gervais’s new short series on Netflix.

Six ~30-minute episodes. I’m halfway through. I can’t believe it’s getting hammered in the press, and that it’s only 71% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes (and hasn’t garnered enough non-critic reviews). So far completely under the radar.

Easily the best thing I’ve seen on Netflix since forever. I haven’t laughed out loud at anything on Netflix since Aziz Ansari’s Master of None, not like this. It’s not PC, maybe that’s why the critics can’t understand it. It’s about a very bitter village newspaper reporter (Gervais) who is bogged down in grief (wife dies of cancer just before Episode 1), and so it’s unavoidably sentimental. A couple bleak, dark scenes so far, but very funny.

If Netflix could consistently produce content this good then I wouldn’t be thinking about dropping it.


Heard it was good, and like what I’m hearing here. Not surprising from him! Probably will take a look later


Watched the first episode last night. Dark start, getting funnier, but does he continue to insult people every time he talks to someone?


Finished episode 4 last night, and he’s softening up now (although after finishing ep4 that probably only applies to his words).

At first I thought the BIL part (the hapless newspaper editor) was written for Steve Merchant, although I don’t think so anymore. Ashley Jensen is also there from Extras, half the cast seem to be Game of Thrones actors, plus Penelope Wilson (Shaun’s mother from Shaun of the Dead), and a slew of Brit comedians I’m not familiar with (including the BIL).

After finishing episode 4, I now understand why all the critics say it’s black hole dark.

Still lots of belly laughs for me, though.


Downton Abbey is really fun to watch though they never topped the first season. It got really bad in like season 4 or 5 or something so I stopped watching for a while, then I picked it back up after the series finale.


Finally done with Dirty John. I even watch the documentary on Dirty John lol.

Trying to finish up Suits. It was so strange and different not having Mike Ross.

The Good Doctor finale was great.


Watched the first one. The story line seems forced, but I know he likes to do this kind of material, so I’m curious to see where he goes with it.

Thought: If you like were forced to see a psychiatrist, I think it would probably be more fun to have an English one.


I wasn’t expecting much from “After Life”, but it’s actually very watchable, if you like Ricky Gervais’ type of humor and general outlook on life. A good supporting cast, each with their own quirky humor, with a great script mixed with some touching moments and some laugh out loud scenes.


Favorite laugh out loud scene so far is when the very odd, bearded local shows up in the newspaper office with what he says is Freddy Mercury’s tooth. Still chuckling over that one.