What are you watching (TV) 2019



Gervais is a good c*nt, as he himself would say. Love the original UK ‘Office’ (much more than the US one). ‘Extras’ and ‘Life’s Too Short’ are also good.

Anyone see ‘You’ about the stalker? Thinking of checking it out on Netflix.


Hah. I believe that if you look very closely at episode 5, at about 29:03-4, the actor Judi Dench makes a cameo appearance (uncredited). Pretty cool.


Watch it


Roger that.


Who watched the Umbrella Academy? It’s another X-Men-y superhero show with former(?) X-Men Ellen Page.


I considered watching it until I saw that Ellen Page is in it.

Afraid that did it for me. UA is one I may watch right after I am strapped into a straight-jacket and toothpicks are jammed between my eyelids - maybe.




It’s another example of where I refuse to risk accidentally watching a lecture on woke intersectionality masquerading as entertainment. Ellen Page has evidently chosen to become one of the main lecturers (as an American I also don’t respond well to being lectured by Canadians).


I am somewhere in the first season, episode 3. Bit slow.


She’s just an actor in this, did not produce or direct. Also has a male love interest, but not that it should matter to you since I can’t imagine you’re homophobic. There’s probably even less optimism and more emo brooding*, in this show than your typical superhero fare, lot’s of gloom. Should be your cup o tea tbh.

*It was based on a comic book created by the frontman of the emo band My Chemical Romance


I’m just over halfway. Already calling lots of things. Some parts could pick up on their pacing a bit tbh, but in general I’m enjoying it.

There’s honestly so little of Ellen Page for someone who has top billing.


Sweet Jesus, no wonder.


On Netflix, Black Earth Rising was excellent, and Bodyguard was pretty good too. I love everything about Bojack Horseman but most of my friends don’t, for reasons I don’t understand. Finally, Star Trek Discovery has finally managed to make me enjoy Star Trek.

Off of Netflix, Atlanta is probably the best TV since The Wire, and I can’t wait for season 3.


Neither do I. Your friends are insane. Get new friends, preferably those who appreciate genius.




I’m a bit jaded to super hero stuff now. Don’t think I’ll watch it. I haven’t like a lot of Netflix stuff recently.


Such good show. So relatable (which probably says more about me than anything)


Bojack is the best show on Netflix. The first half of the first season before they found their footing is a bit rough and I think that scares off some new viewers. But it gets really good really quick.



Started watching ‘After Life.’ Gervais’ performance is very affecting. My uncle passed after a long illness a couple days ago, and I’m not ashamed to say I got teary eyed watching this. It’s pretty hilarious in some parts too, which is much needed relief from the melancholy.