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Eggos y’all

I can’t wait for Stranger Things season 2. The first was really good.

Finally caught up on The Good Place. I wish I’d given this show more of a shot at the beginning because I love it. I was a bit worried I couldn’t get into the second season (because of how the first ended) but they hit the ground running and it’s hilarious.

I really like “The Good Place”, but it’s becoming a bit like watching a high-wire act for me: they’re burning through plot and I have no idea how they’re going to be able to keep it going. The five episodes of Season 2 so far would have been at least a couple of seasons in most other shows.

Reminder: watch it from the beginning! It’s heavily serialized compared to most comedies. And between “The Good Place” and “Fargo” Season 2, in the past year or so I’ve dramatically increased my opinion of Ted Danson as an actor. Not that I ever disliked him, but he’s got far more range than I would have thought.

I can see all the jokes before they come. Cliche.

Semi-binged my way through Master of None (Netflix), not sure if any one else here has watched it?

The tones for S1 and S2 is quite different, but overall it’s pretty entertaining and enjoyable, though for S2 I do feel it’s tackling bigger life issues for Dev that I can do without. Emmy winner also (that’s where I first picked up wind, when I watched Aziz and Lena’s acceptance speech).

Having said that, the two Emmy winning episodes from S1 and S2 are definitely both standouts and were absolutely awesome.

I liked it a lot. His recent movie “The Big Sick” with Ray Romano also very good.

Um, I’m pretty sure that’s a different actor.



One of them is quite funny, the other not so much.

I’ve been re-watching a Danish gem, very, very funny:


Dogma crazy.

Just found out that Aziz’s real parents play his parents in Master of None also, the dad’s pretty funny!

master of none is really great. It really captures the experiences of immigrants coming to the US and the 2nd generation along with their relation ship their parents. I remember one part where brian’s dad is so similar to mine. I remember seeing my dad in a picture of him during conscription and the response from my dad was basically the same. hard times… haha

You’re right, different actors.

I watched that as a 5 hour movie in the cinema. Crazy shit.


That’s hardcore. However, it’s awesome, it has some of the most hilarious moments of all the TV series I’ve watched… I’d do it. Or maybe I’m too old for holding the pee for so long.

BTW, the spore drive seems to be inspired by a real life fungus, which is to my knowledge the biggest living organism on this very Earth: http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/story?id=120049&page=1
You find it in Oregon, it lives in the ground of over 1600 football fields coverage.
Doesn’t mean you can save on bus tickets with it though :wink:

It is pretty obvious now (as we have seen more episodes) that the spore drive will be rendered useless because i) the animal needed as a navigator is hard to find and probably sentient and ii) the DNA mod to make a human a navigator is illegal and probably harmful (hint in episode in the bathroom mirror scene with Lt. Stamets).
Thus I guess DIS will stick to basic story canon by making the drive a one-time thing.

The high-wire act of The Good Place is part of the fun. Several times the show has felt like it would go off the rails or run out of steam but thus far it hasn’t. I think there’s at least another solid season given the premise but I don’t see it going past three seasons at the same level of quality.

Ted Danson is definitely MVP in this show. The whole series pivots on that one grin! D’Arcy Carden is amazing too. It’s easy to take Janet for granted but that has got to be a hard role to pull of and she does it effortlessly.

Binge watched Big Little Lies a few days ago. Absolutely fantastic. It really changed my perception on Reese Witherspoon. I used to hate her but she was amazing in it. Nicole Kidman was brilliant as usual and the rest of the cast kicked ass, too.

I was so slain by the ending. Did not see that coming. I wish there were more than one season.

Yeah, every so often Bad Janet will show up and I’ll realize that there’s more going on with the Janet acting than I thought.

Stranger things season 2 is here!

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I just finished watching the whole thing. It’s awesome!

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My wife figured it out in episode 4 or 5, I think. It clicked into place for me when she told me her theory, but if she hadn’t said anything I wouldn’t have figured it out. Great ending.

He’s great, and I completely agree on that smirk. It’s a complete 180 and so effective.

I’m on Stranger Things 2. Taking it slow. Not much happened in the first 3 episodes but it’s still a fun ride.