What Are You Watching (TV Series, etc.)?


Apparently, The Teenage Psychic is based on the true story of Liu Bo-jun, who later became Taiwan’s first and only female pro baseball referee. She’s also written several books about her experiences.


I’m aware of Sofia for a long time, as she has made a name for herself on the internet as far back as I can remember.

She isn’t a “pro” baseball referee, as that would suggest she can call CPBL games. She is however a licensed umpire that can call Class A games, which is the highest level of amateur baseball.

I found the fact that she somehow was both being a psychic and a Muslim very bizarre.

Teenage Psychic is the second time someone turned her story into a show. The first one back in 2013 focused on the psychic and the baseball aspects of her story. Teenage Psychic dramatized the struggle between school and being a psychic.

Maybe if Taiwan is ever truly religiously tolerant, we can get a version about being a Muslim and a psychic.


Interesting. I had no idea she was a Muslim. If any of the mullahs in the Middle East were to find out that she was a temple psychic, they’d probably excommunicate her for apostasy and issue a fatwa against her.


Last weekend was Teenage Psychic’s finale. It’s a decent series, but the scope of the show is still very limited.


American Gods…strange, but super promising. Super high production value. Might rival GoT in that regard. Looking forward to many more.


Yeah, I heard good things about it, too. Will try to check it out.


Oh, I liked it a lotta lotta. The ending was … unexpected and sad and warm at the same time. Very nicely done.

I wish it would get to be translated into Spanish and broadcasted in Latin America. It’d be quite a stir there with its supernatural topics clashing with the religious intransigence. Buahahaha!


All in all, it was a pretty good watch. Silly in parts, but also entertaining and even touching.



Most of the assigned writers have experience writing major theatrical films, and Martin is personally involved in two of the projects. The show ideas are from Max Borenstein (Kong: Skull Island, Fox’s Minority Report); Jane Goldman (Kingsman: The Secret Service, X-Men: First Class) along with Martin; Brian Helgeland (A Knight’s Tale, L.A. Confidential); and Carly Wray (Mad Men) with Martin.

HBO isn’t revealing any story details at this time other than that the shows “explore different time periods of George R. R. Martin’s vast and rich universe.”

Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss have previously said they do not plan to be actively involved in any follow-up projects, but it turns out they will be attached to the new shows as executive producers.

Me thinks what they expected to be the next cash cow -Westworld - did not go as planned…


It’s not bad, but I still like the original film better. Yul Brynner as a killer robot! Maybe they should have got Christopher Nolan to direct it instead of his kid brother Jonathan.


Anything but making GOT the next Star Trek. They are thinking Marvel, I expect we’ll end up with a one season not wonder.


@Icon, Westworld did score high ratings, they’re just taking a freaking long-ass time to make.

Even if production were speedier, no way HBO would let the franchise go without giving spinoffs a try. Established IP’s have been/are/will continue to be all the rage.

PS. BETTER CALL SAUL, you guys! And The Americans this season has been a very slow burn - but SO GOOD.


The Saul/Chuck storyline is going into serious soap opera territory, but the bits with Mike have been pretty awesome. I thought the last episode was solid.

I never realized Chuck is Lenny from Laverne and Shirley


The Mike half is much more reminiscent of BB than the Saul half, since Mike had deeper ties in the drug world than Saul did. It’s also tricky to navigate interactions between Saul and Gus (GUS!), since Saul didn’t know Gus well or knew directly of his involvement in ABQ’s meth operation.

Big fan service with the watch interaction, though - Had to hold a scream when Gus’ yellow shirt wandered in frame behind Jimmy, out of focus but blatantly and unmistakably the Chicken Man.


Production costs are spiraling out of control. I am a bit concerned as US is well known for investing a lot in special effects… and not enough in writing. TV was actually making headway in thsi regard, with cautivating stories, in particular, HBO takes risks and innovates in awesome ways. However, this prequel business is a bit worrsiome and prone to end up in disaster.

I grew up in the era of big mini series -Shogun, Cane and Abel, The Thorn Birds, etc.- and I think that format is coming back, with close stories with ties to books to make them richer plotwise. That HBO will go off the books can get them lost in the desert.


Anyone watched 13 Reasons why?


What is it that makes Korean soaps popular in other parts of Asia?


I don’t think you want to know the answer to that one. :sunglasses:



Gorgeous looking oppas!!!

I will refrain from adding visual evidence because I am too busy, but if you insist, I will.


I defer to Icon’s expertise in such matters.