What Are You Watching (TV Series, etc.)?


Of course I know what an oppa is. But you heard the Doctor. He needs your expertise! :smile:


I know what oppas are, I just can’t force myself to get excited about them…unless they’re of the Gangnam Style variety.


If you’re at all into the true crime genre The Keepers on Netflix is a must watch. Watching Episode 2. Brutal.


Brutal as in gross, with blood and all? Or like really tragic?


The latter.


I find that show highly offensive as someone who had close friends and family suffering or suffered from depression and committed or tried to commit suicide.


3 seasons of The Leftovers, and they leave me hanging… again. That is what you get for following the Lost crowd.

I lked the story allegory, I get it. I really thank them for the not so depressing ending -gosh, last two chapters were like a mix of the worst feels of dispair. I truly wondered if they were going to kill everyone. But the end man, was a fizz fuss, IMHO. Well planned, truly, but man, if they mean to say what I think they do, man, now that’s depressing.


I found the Leftovers finale to be pretty satisfying. I think it succeeds in reaching an emotional conclusion that Lost stumbled to achieve.


Basically, we are being told that:

we will never know what really happened when the people dissappeared. We can console ourselves with any nice fairy tale that lets us sleep through the night. Like human existence, we tell ourselves a sweet lie to get through a meaningless existence. All characters hit suicidal nihilism when they realized they had no control over their lives and that the Event could happen again anytime. Some tried self destruction as to get to the anwers, eventually came around to tell themselves it was OK to lie to get through.


Recommend -

Much hairspray. Much absurdity. Much fun. 10 half hour episodes of Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling AKA Glow, available to stream on Netflix now. You’re welcome:


This looks fun. 7/21 release date.

Of course, GoT in 2 more sleeps.


Yipes! Official titles and summaries for the first 3 episodes released:



Episode 1 was hum. Episode 2 was meeh … with some slaughter at the end. Think cold fried potatoes with killer chipotle spicy sauce on top.

Not liking the writing but liking the direction it is headed.


Just saw the latest Adventure Time miniseries Elements. It’s fun.

ICYMI - one of the most mature storylines, (from AT’s previous miniseries Islands) is pretty great too:


Can’t believe it’s taken me this long to jump on Rick and
Morty, will finish s1 tonight! It’s amazing.


The first episode of season 2 is mind bending. I honestly can’t think of another show that is as creative as Rick and Morty.

Game of Thrones isn’t doing much for me yet. The slaughtering at the end of episode 2 was all very well and gone but considering some of the battles that show has had, it was just okay. But they’re obviously building to something that’s probably going to pay off big.


I thought the same, but it’s only the second episode of the season.

They haven’t let us down for 6 seasons before, I’m sure there’s more to come.


I think part of what makes expectations run high for GoT is that for the last 6 seasons they were based on the books. This time we’re all basically Jon Snow knowing nothing. Except maybe D.B. Weiss and the team behind GoT.

I actually liked the build up they have in the 2nd episode involving that pirates scene. They’re also starting to drop hints that’ll tie themselves up somewhere before the series ends, GRRM style. :slight_smile:


As for this episode, I just let out a stream of fruta, la gran fruta, oh la grandisima fruta! Fruta here being an euphemism for a certain expletive in Spanish. Man, that was awful. I can compare it to when they were removing the tube they inserted in me for drainage after the operation, in terms of gut wrenching pain.

And next episode will be much worse.