What Are You Watching (TV Series, etc.)?


Knower of Nothing :rofl:


Dunno if it was the spoilers or that the killing was more massive than personal but last episode was not painful. I can even dare to say optimistic.


Apparently it was the shortest episode of the season, but it took that little time to move the plot forward. No complaints here!



New Taiwanese Netflix series…coming soon!

Honestly, I’d want to know if it’ll be filmed in TW more than anything else.


Well they already put 8 TV series and a boatload of Taiwanese movies on Netflix.




This is really cool:


Debate was going around the GoT redditsphere that Brienne would’ve wrecked Arya in a legit duel. What do you think?


Agree. It would have been like the Mountain/Oberlyn.


“How many men did you bring?” “Not enough.” “The big woman?”


Ooooo. GoT 706 is out. HBO played it by accident in Spain. And now I have it. Oh interthingie…I luvs ya.

Edit: For the streamers.



Good news for an estimated 10% of the male populace.



At the risk of being lame, I have to ask…

Is the US version GoT available for streaming in TW? I know HBO is available here, but the shows are edited and censored.


Can someone help a brother out :point_up_2:


I do not believe there’s a legal way to watch the uncensored episodes in Taiwan.

Personally, you’re not missing out on too much if they cut/censor the sex scenes and gore. However, when they censor characters that need to wash their mouth with soap, that just takes a lot from the humor.


The sex scenes aren’t really much this season. They’re just basic stuff with a quick flash of a breast here and there.

No one has explained how they get officially HBO and on what system in Taiwan but I find other ways to watch the shows.

HBO is not available on MOD.


It would be like reading an abridged book. They say it does not take away from the “over all gist” of it, but I want those details! Details are important.

I have heard the violence is no worse than anything Tarantino could dream up, and the sex is no more than standard Hollywood fare.

But I keep seeing the damn things for this show and I have never seen it. I would feel way too guilty to do it any other way. Maybe I can order the DVDs.

I have watched Arrested Development S1-3 so many times, I can pull quotes out of the air! NetFlix needs to open up more shows for us, and Amazon too!


I believe HBO is available here. CHT or TBC or both. Or some other. But…I want the whole taco, not the lettuce and cheese. (No meat though, I am vegatarian)


Now that you mention Netflix.

If you have HBO’s streaming service, I believe it’s called HBO Go? That could work.

I believe you need a VPNn for HBO Go to work though.