What Are You Watching (TV Series, etc.)?


They picked a guy who looks remarkably similar to the comic’s character, too bad they couldn’t find one who also knows martial arts.


I remember there were a bunch of tards claiming he should not have been picked as the Iron FIst because a white boi doing martial arts is some sort of CULTURAL APPROPRIATION, disregarding the fact that the original comic character Iron Fist is a white man and his ethnicity is one of the reasons why he always felt like an outsider and decided to leave the magical monks’ monastery of bollocks.

He was truly awful in that show, which is a shame because the character/story is fairly interesting. Now it’s pretty much dead, similarly to Green Arrow (which I always found a stupid comic character, but many people like it and were upset by the shit-tier movie)


I don’t care who’s doing the Kung fu. As the master himself Bruce Lee fought for everyone being able to learn it. But at least cast a guy that respects the art and can do it. He put zero work into the art and it shows quickly. Even his co stars look better than him and that’s bad.

I would however liked to see marvel dared to do something different as the source material of the iron fist comics were made a long time ago and it does have another white knight last samurai feel that many people are tired of. It would have been cool if they tried to see if they could change the story up in some way where it didn’t feel like that. But at the same time i felt like maybe it’s just one of those comics that’s better if they didn’t try to recreate it on tv or movies. Because I don’t know how they would have made the story work on tv.


Finn jones had to delete his twitter after people were just going savage on him. He even said people don’t like him because of trump. Saying that trump and the iron fist are similar as white billionaires. But he fail to see he just sucks. And you don’t see anyone hating on Bruce Wayne lol. https://www.google.com.tw/amp/s/www.polygon.com/platform/amp/tv/2017/3/15/14933424/iron-fist-finn-jones-trump


Anyone else pretty much only use Netflix for shows and movies at home? What’s good these days? I just finished Marco Polo. Not bad, Pretty interesting show. What else is good?

Also I liked the mist based on the Stephen king novel. Really fun if you’re into that kind of genre


Black Mirror
Better Call Saul
Last Chance U


Animal Kingdom
Stranger Things
Ray Donovan

@Rockefeller Does this need its own thread?


If you’re looking for something new, season 4 of bojack horseman was just released. GREAT show.


I have a habit of binge watching certain movies.

There is no rhyme or reason that I can understand. I just end up watching a movie or series multiple times back to back.

I have seen Arrested Development about 300 times or more. I watched Crouching Tiger two or three times a night for 2 months. Schindler’s List, too.

Right now, the movie is Paul.


Was going to add Bojack Horseman. One of the best shows around.


Luther- British detective show starring Idris Elba is also fantastic


Now this looks interesting


Yep a buddy’s friend is a critic. He was evidently blown away, really enjoyed it.


Huh that’s interesting. You hear of how folks binge watch shows, but it’s the first time I’ve heard someone binge watch a movie (on personal time). Being in the industry I know plenty of people who have to instantly rewatch films for work, but never outside of doing their jobs.

I guess the question is… Why? (Or do you not know either)


I have no idea. I used to watch that first Harold and Kumar movie every day while eating dinner for a month. Oddly, would eat the same thing too.

I think it just falls into certain habits, maybe?


Burgers are not physiologically addictive, man! Just psychologically! :grinning: :hamburger: :rainbow:

If you rewatch a foreign language film day after day, you probably improve your listening comprehension in the process.


Wasn’t burgers. Veg general tsos.

You’d think that about foreign films. But, my Chinese is stilll crap. But my English is awesome!


Don’t forget to turn the subtitles off. :slight_smile:


Oh. Hell. No.

Russian, yes. Serbian, yes. Armenian, maybe. Chinese? No way in hell. 7 years here…I’m still lacking.


I enjoyed Marco Polo. One Hundred Eyes was my favorite character. Have you watched the special episode that tells his story?

Few others to add to the list:

Rick and Morty
The Ranch (espcially for fellow Coloradoans @JB_IN_TW)
Black Sails
F is for Family


Oh hell no.

There are too many US actors who talk as if they had taffy stuck in their mouths. Accent, they call it. Southern drawl I get. British mostly. I’d name names but better leave it at: ENUNCIATE!