What Are You Watching (TV Series, etc.)?


Anyone watching Preacher on Prime?

Does anyone watch Prime?


I had Prime for a while but it crapped itself on me.

This is what happened: I signed up for it with my amazon account. It worked fine in Taiwan for quite a few months. I think the problem is that I sometimes change my address on amazon to the US so I can purchase certain things that are US-only.

It somehow changed my account’s location to the USA, and I couldn’t do anything about it. I could watch the US programming on my PS4 using a DNS, but I couldn’t watch the Taiwan content on any device no matter what I did. So I went into my account to check my billing history. Couldn’t view it. The site told me to check my amazon account, amazon told me I had no billing history. Still don’t know what happened and when.

I’ll probably sign up for a new account using a different email address.


I use it for the 2 day shipping.

A few years back when netflix pulled 24 I would stream it on prime. No longer the case.


Except for video, Prime is effectively useless to international customers. Except I think if you live in Singapore.

Unless something has changed.

Since I am signed up for Prime, I get these ads for new shows on Prime and I get all excited to see them and then…I learn they have been geographically blocked.


Check out www.primevideo.com. Basically international customers can sign up just for the movie streaming. But if you have prime in the US it doesn’t mean you can stream overseas. You’ll need to sign up again.

It’s not a bad deal for people in Taiwan to get more content than what’s on Netflix, but the Chinese subtitles aren’t always included on Prime and even if they are, sometimes they don’t work on the PS4/XBOX apps. They do have some good stuff though.

Did anybody watch that new Seth MacFarlane show “The Orville”? I honestly thought it’d be funnier. It started off quirky enough, but not a laugh a minute or anything. Towards the middle I started to get worried it would be entirely about the relationship between all of these characters, but then they threw in some sci fi action at the end. It was okay but a bit lackluster. Galaxy Quest, it ain’t.


Thanks, watched a few eps last night, very enjoyable and will continue.


So watching Season 3 of “Rick and Morty” on Netflix. And, am I going batshit insane with a fucking decaying memory, or did this cocksucker show use to have uncut audio for the swear words rather than the bleeped out **** I suddenly have to ****ing put up with now? ****s. Has it changed or am I misremembering?

(God, I can’t swear for ****. Stupid Canadian upbringing.)


The Expanse and Travelers, both on Netflix.


I started to watch elementary on Netflix. It’s great and so much better than Sherlock by BBC. I just can’t stand any British TV shows for some reason. And it’s a nice twist to cast a female Watson and have Sherlock come to New York.


Like any any?


none, hated dr who, black mirror, sherlock, downton abbey, misfit and any british shows out there. I can’t think of one that I enjoyed and i tried.


Give Luther a go.


Or watch Little Britain.

Don’t watch Little Britain, it’s terrible. It was terrible even back then. I’m not sure who sold their soul to get ratings on that turd.

If someone doesn’t like Black Mirror, I’m really not sure what to recommend. The show’s an anthology so each episode is different, but they all have the same tech-based Twilight Zone-y motif. Some are better than others but the show’s solid as a whole.

Some episodes make me uncomfortable and make squirm around a bit… you know… like a pig… (You’re welcome everybody who has seen the first episode and now can’t get the picture out of their head)


I did the same thing without knowing anything about it going in. Was very disappointed/not impressed with the first episode, but thought I’d give it the benefit of the doubt. Only got through maybe one or two more episodes and couldn’t stand it.

Am I the only one who cringes when that girl speaks Chinese?

I forgot to add that one on the list. Got my gf started on it about a week ago and now I can’t get her to put her phone down. She’s been junking out on it everyday!

But on a plus side, I get no complaints when I want to rock out some Destiny 2 or GTA5.


Has anyone not watched Game of Thrones, I haven’t watched a single episode.


I haven’t watched the latest season yet. Does that count? I usually wait till the season’s over so I can binge. Otherwise I forget plot details from week to week.


I can usually forgive atrocious Chinese if the show is otherwise good. Comically bad Chinese almost seems like a Hollywood tradition. The show, however, is not good.



That guy @tempogain hasn’t seen a single episode. His excuse is “work” and “life”. Like those are valid excuses.

How about just comical Chinese accents…


Not true. I saw half of the first one. I liked when he said “and if they die…you will bury them.” Maybe I’ll have to pick it up again.