What Are You Watching (TV Series, etc.)?


Anybody else watch Star Trek: Discovery? I’m not a huge Star Trek guy, I like it okay though. I thought this new series was pretty interesting. It seems to have an over-arching storyline that goes places you wouldn’t expect a new Star Trek series to go. It’s too early to really decide whether I like it but the first two episodes are very well done.

It’s on Netflix if anybody’s interested.

There’s also The Orville which seems to be a Star Trek-clone. It has some quirky humor in it but I find the social commentary in it poorly handled and the jokes aren’t fast enough for it to be considered an outright parody. I’ll give it a chance to improve. Perhaps the Galaxy Quest show that’s in production will be better.


It’s on my list but haven’t gotten around to it (Star Trek). Definitely not a Trekkie but I could use some new sci-fi.


Thank you. I was just looking for a way to watch it.

Hope it’s not just about action advanture, and keeps the philosophical and social commentary aspects of the show.


The Good Place anyone? I just binged the first season and found it to be surprisingly funny.


Finished watching episodes 1 and 2 of the new Star Trek Discovery series on Netflix.
WOW! It is very good! I am really looking forward to the next episode on Monday. Usually Netflix releases all the episodes in a series all at once. But Star Trek Discovery will have a new episode released each Monday. Wish I could binge watch it. Oh well. It really is THAT good!


The reason for that is it’s a CBS show that’s distributed by Netflix outside of the US. We follow the network’s timetable. There are a few shows that work this way. I don’t know if they’re doing it for season 2, but Designated Survivor was the same way.

I’ve seen a few episodes of the Good Place. Kind of funny. I’m glad Netflix is bringing more and more television to Taiwan. Appointment television is pain in the ass and DVD box sets have always been ridiculously overpriced here.


The Orville - a cross between Star Trek, Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Space Balls


Binge watched the Ozarks also good.


I’m also up to speed on Discovery on Netflix. I like it.

I was never a Trekkie, but am a big fan of science fiction genre movies/shows. I’m epically confused as to how the main character’s name is Michael and she’s a she.

Sucks that I have to wait a week for episodes, but if I can wait forever for Game of Thrones, I can wait a week for Star Trek.


I’ve been watching The Orville too. I generally like Seth McFarlane but I don’t think this show is funny enough. They spend too long trying to make it serious and have very in-your-face social commentary. He’s managed to make it ‘quirky’ but not outright funny.

Much prefer Star Trek Discovery at this point but I’ll keep up with both of them.


Is “The Orville” on Netflix? How are you guys watching it?


Hulu, but that’s not really available in Taiwan. I don’t think there are any ways to watch it locally without downloading it in not-so-legal ways.



I started to watch Mr. Mercedes a little while ago. I was really excited about it too. The opening scene of the first episode, though, my wife noped out and I had to turn it off. Haven’t returned to it yet but it looks very well made. The beginning was a bit shocking.


Torrent is an option.


While true, it’s also something we don’t condone here.

tango42 speaks the truth but also speaks for him/herself.


Watching Orville and Star Trek:DIS in parallel. Would wish for something in the middle though.

The Orville is nice, but not a comedy show. It feels like regular mid-season TNG where the crew has been replaced with some slightly foul-mouthed cadets or whatever. Not bad at all. But not fish and not meat, as we say back home where I come from. Not really a parody but not good enough to be the real thing. Good enough to watch though and it’s kind of fun to figure out (after 2 min) which Star Trek episode they are citing.

DISCOVERY (jokingly abbreviated STD) is nice to watch as just some new Scifi series and I would rate it as being very good. Similar to the new BSG/Battlestar Galactica.
As a Star Trek series it should have been set in the future of VOYAGER and then it would probably make for an average Star Trek Series, being a little too dark in tone for my taste.
As a prequel to The Original Series (TOS) it is a disappointment, as it visually totally disregards TOS. If you compare it to “The Cage” or TOS (where it should be in the same time frame) then it’s like watching a movie about Old Rome where they use cell phones to call for backup in the middle of the battle (and backup arrives with a motor car).

Bad Trek to me is still better than all the other stuff on TV :wink:

BTW the Klingons… my Goodness, compared with TNG they look incredibly stupid with their stiff rubber faces…


I started Helix, a syfy show on Netflix. I try to find shows with a couple seasons in. I’m a binge watcher.


So it’s mostly about infectious diseases?


Yeah. It’s not amazing but not bad. Reminds me of 12 monkeys a bit if you’re into that.