What Are You Watching (TV Series, etc.)?


It’s really good, dark and sinister, but hey, it’s Stephen King. I have read the trilogy, worth the read. And Brendan Gleeson is superb in Mr. Mercedes, great actor, the character is perfect for him.He was also great in “In Bruges”.


This was one of my biggest problems. The make up looked overly elaborate and expensive… but mostly tacky. They could and should have kept it simple.


Yeah. They all look like Krall from the Beyond movie to me. Rubberman monster.



Dunno if it’s the makeup or what, but man, the Klingon speaking sounds awful, like every syllable is gasped out by someone choking.

I’m quite happy with the show so far, but I’m not sure how my brain will handle the mental ret-conning to make these Klingons match Worf and B’lanna. I also hope it becomes more of an ensemble show than it’s been so far. It’s early days yet. A very promising beginning.


I couldn’t agree more. Definitely different when some fugly ass creatures are saying it vs Zoe Saldana saying it in the movies. It doesn’t help that those scenes drag because of the enunciation.


And then they talk and talk and talk why the Federation is evil etc. I liked how they showed the different culture of the Klingons, kind of mistrusting the West … sorry … Federation because Mickey Mouse and Coke … sorry replicators and syntehol maybe … destroy their traditional way of rubber warrior life. I really did.
But having to listen to the drivel while wondering how often the fake teeth fell out during filming was horrible.

I can only cope with STD if I make it in my head like this: This is yet another timeline. Probably someone tried to fix the Kelvin/JJ Abrams timeline and it didn’t quite work so we ended up with this timeline. And some nasty wreckage of the Narada (Nero, Star Trek 2009) must have crashed through a distorted temporal tunnel onto Cronos a million years ago killing of the original Klingons. Then I can enjoy STD basically.


Found a way to watch an episode of Orville. The tone is so similar to Voyager it about moved me to tears. Man, I miss having that kind of stories and crew interactions to watch every week.

I don’t get the constant need to revisit TOS or a time before TOS. If their line of thinking is that people feel nostalgic about TOS, then why would they frak with the look and designs to ruin the nostalgia?

Perhaps I’m bias because I grew up the TNG and am a die-hard DS9 and VOY fan, but that doesn’t mean I want to see a remake of those series. I want to see what happens next, so when they want to update the makeups they can do it on some new species and not mess with something as established as the Klingons.


Watched the first 3 ST:D episodes this weekend. It is a decent sci-fi show. It just don’t feel distinctly trek. There are a lot nods to former shows, but it also breaks plenty of continuity.

I guess it wouldn’t matter to casual viewers. I’m sure most casual viewers wouldn’t care that holographic communication isn’t going to be invented for another hundred years in universe, or that they didn’t have replicators in the original series, let alone before the original series. By the way, all of this are easily avoidable if thy simply set the story after DS9 and VOY in the prime timeline.

I can look past these things. I can even accept that people are being a lot more dickish than other treks because there’s a war going on, even though that’s still hard to imagine Federation officers calling people trash just because they are prisoners.

I like that this time the story is being told mostly from Michael Burnham’s perspective. I like the possibility that the Discovery might be the start of the mirror universe or Section 31. I hope they tell a good story, at the same time, I hope it’s not just about action and conflict all the time.

Battlestar Galactica was also very serialized, but it had time for shows with slower pace and more thought provoking episodes. I hope Discovery will have time to examine some social issues at some point also.


I’m still enjoying Star Trek Discovery a lot four episodes in, but continue to hope they’ll shift the POV around a little more - there were signs of that this week. This week’s episode probably felt the most “Trek-like” to me, with conflicted ideals coming into play. (Previously I’d felt it was a good sci-fi show but not particularly Trek-like.)

Plus …

One of the stupidest deaths ever in a franchise with a very long history of stupid deaths. The chief security officer does something that moronic?!

Weird days for me. On Netflix, The Good Place, Rick & Morty, and Star Trek Discovery are all on a weekly release schedule … it’s been YEARS since I’ve been watching non-pirated TV on a schedule!

Sort of. The problem with that is the Federation is too over-powered at the end of those shows: they’ve proven themselves able to take on the biggest powers in the galaxy (well, state-like actors, as opposed to Q or random hands that suddenly grab ships). If they wanted to go forward in time, they’d probably have to make the Federation go “back” through some kind of disaster.


I think at the end of DS9, federation actually has an identity crisis. Should it continue to be militaristic, or should it go back to be more exploration based? What to do with organizations such as section 31? With both Cardassia and the Maquis decimated, how should they make sense of the demilitarizes zone? We also know next to nothing about the Breen, or the tholians.

Outside of the Alpha quadrant, Voyager only cut across a narrow band of the Delta quadrant. The Gamma quadrant is also almost unexplored. They can have the dominion take the old place of the Klingons, and have minor conflicts flaring up here and there.

They can have parts of the Gamma quadrants join the federation and have the dominion try to keep systems under their control. They can have a section of the federation break off again like the Maquis.

They can also do story on a timeship, when the role of the temporal investigation takes on a more important role.

I just don’t think they would run out of stories to tell in such a rich universe.


I have a dream. I dream one day there will be a TV series continuing where DS9/VOY left off, following canon and summarizing the Abrams/DIS - Trek (which are reboots) with a scene like this:

(Lt. Smith entering bridge, looking a bit dis-shelved, talking to Cmd Mueller):

“Man I met a guy in a bar last night down on the space station. Totally wasted, claiming to be a timeship crewman busy with repeatedly repairing the timeline. Talked about Vulcan getting blown up, then getting hairless Klingons after the first repair attempt and how they had a hard time restoring the Klingon race finally and stuff. Weird guy…”

Cmd Mueller:

“Yeah. People you meet in bars.” (shakes his head). Ups, there’s the ship with the Breen ambassador coming in…"


The Orville, with some good special effects, kind of sucks. It is supposed to be freagin funny, but they’ve gone into some long serious dead end for a few episodes about 2 male species having a baby. Jeesh, one episode is enough, it’s not the theme of the whole program.

I really want it to be good and funny, so I’m hangin awhile.


Anybody caught the new Curb Your Enthusiasm?


I love this new trek, especially Lorca. He`s aggressive and militaristic. I also liked Enterprise, because it portrayed the early years and historic events. Was very disappointed when it only lasted 4 seasons.

DS9 was ok and I really thought Voyager sucked – too politically correct. Janeway belonged teaching Gender Studies at Berkeley, not running a ship.


What are we thinking about Ray Donovan? I’m in S3, and while an enjoyable watch, there are no characters with redeeming qualities. No heroes, other than maybe brothers Terry and Bunchy, but they are secondary characters.

And who lets their kids talk to them like that?


That one is actually my favorite episode so far.

I feel like Charlize Theron’s episode is a totally lost. The only one who enjoyed that episode is probably Seth McFarlane who got to be in a bed with her.

The only season of Enterprise worth watching is season 4. Sadly, that’s when it’s cancelled. Voyager has plenty of amazing episodes, and great character chemistry to carry one through the also plenty shitty episodes.


Which episode is that?!


Ooooo. Looks like Jon Stewart is coming back. To HBO. On 11/18.

Best news in TV land since Colbert made the switch.

Alas, it’s only for two specials.


Dear Trekkies, can someone explain this to me regarding ST:D?

This spores-biological warp drive thingie, does it exist within the Star Trek universe prior to ST:D? Or did they introduce it in this series?

Enjoying the series thus far as a non-hardcore Trekkie but with some understanding of the overall universe.


I haven’t gotten around to watching It yet, but I’m enjoying the promotional posters.