What Are You Watching (TV Series, etc.)?

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I started watching madam secretary, and I realized designated survivor is basically the same exact show with a copied plot. Anyone watch those two shows?


Ugly delicious on Netflix is great. It does a really good job of covering different cultural food in relation with the culture of the place it’s from. I’ve seen a lot of food shows about going aboard to eat exotic foods. But the show really does a good job explaining the people and culture behind the food and why it is the way it is.


Wow. Season 2 of Jessica Jones. Such a rare thing for a netflix marvel show to actually improve as the season went along.

I have certain issues with a few things (including a few major deep sigh-eyerolls), but overall S2 solidifies JJ as the best Defenders show.


I finished Brooklyn 99 season 4…


I’m not sure what to do with my life now.

@Yang_Gui_Zi I think it picked up a bit after mid season 3. So, keep watching.

There was an episode in season 4 that touched up on racist policemen, which was probably done to reflect current events, but not sure if it fit in with the other episodes.


Yeah, I’m in season 4 meow. You’re right, there definitely a couple of episodes in season 3 that were less than par (mumps, I’m looking at you!). I haven’t given up on it, watching one right meow! :zipper_mouth_face:


Sherlock. Not sure if I like it or not, but I feel like to watch more and more episodes.


Elementary, the US’s take (I know, I know…you hate America) on Sherlock, was also very entertaining.


My main gripe with the show is the way it’s hardly serialized at all (which I like!), but then pretty much only has cliffhangers for season finales. Annoying. I did try to watch the next couple of episodes through shady websites, but it wasn’t worth it.

Season 5 returns from its mid-season hiatus in a couple of weeks - and last year, that’s when some Netflix markets got the first half of the season. So we may get another dozen or so episodes soon.

“The Good Place” is some of the same creators. I love it. But there are only around 20 episodes total, across two seasons.

(Huh. Our forum software is telling me I should “Consider replying to more people”, because I’ve already replied to ranlee three times in this topic. “A great discussion involves many voices and perspectives.” I’m in a Brooklyn 99 filter bubble! Noice!)


Hearing good things about Wild Wild Country on Netflix, will boot up soon. By the way for hardcore history buffs with Netflix, Einsatzgruppen is first rate. Almost nothing but actual historical photos and film clips and eyewitness interviews.




Errr “watch”. I relate everything to the computer


I’m watching “Crystal Maze” from the 90s. What a fun game show!!


new Curb Your Enthusiasm

Just watching now. Episode 3 was pretty good


Now this I gotta see.


It’s pretty awesome.


PLEASE tell me someone is taping this

It will break all DL records. I don’t think our Mexico affiliate will bear the traffic.



I’ve just started that Wild Wild Country show. One thing that’s struck me is that secretary - the Sheela lady - seems to still be drinking the koolaid. Everybody interviewed talks of the time and they seem to have fond memories, perhaps a bit conflicted, but she strikes me as still being way into it and not very remorseful. I’m only half way through episode 2 though and I may be misreading it.


She is a trip. It gets weirder


Chappelle Equanimity on Netflix is funny. Taiwan gets a mention. One more to watch