What Are You Watching (TV Series, etc.)?


Is the sky also pink and water orange in your world?


Ok it’s hilarious! I was literally rolling on the floor. He started out with transgenderism, which seems to be his thing a bit, gave race a good long workout–shocking I know–and then worked into Trump.


He needed to do more research. “Jokes” with zero roots in truth are just crazy homeless-people-word-spews. Any hobo can shout fake wild facts.

This one was unlike his previous work which I really dug. Disappointed. Next.


I guess I should have realized you weren’t but I thought you were being sarcastic. I dunno, seemed like pretty standard Chappelle to me. He’s still got it, I’d say. We’ll see in the next one


Might I interest you in some john mulaney instead:


@Toe_Save brought up James Acaster’s special elsewhere. Will probably watch these today!


Read something about Wild Wild Country yesterday and it sounds like I have to watch it.


Ha, the same thing actually happened to me not long ago! Hmm punchline funny there. Will take a look later


Get Shorty. On FX here in Taiwan. Chris O’Dowd, Ray Romano, Sean Bridgers, Lidia Porto, Goya Robles, Megan Stevenson. Adapted from the Elmore Leonard novel. Completely different from the movie versions. Only one season, but the second is in production.

I think it’s much better than the first, more famous movie. I’ve never been a fan of Travolta (beginning with Welcome Back Kotter), and I like O’Dowd’s Miles Daly way better more than Chili Palmer. This version takes place in Hollywood and Nevada, not Miami.

The chemistry between O’Dowd and Bridgers is amazing (they’re both hit-men for a low-level cartel and who, in episode 1, travel to Hollywood on cartel business and become hooked on movie making). So is the chemistry between Ray Romano and Lidia Porto (a beaten down producer of B films whose father was a legendary Hollywood director; Lidia Porto comes within a hair’s-width of stealing the whole show right out from under everybody). All the main characters are fleshed out wholly, and there are no bad characters anywhere.

If you like dark humor, Get Shorty is a really good television show!


Sounds good! Ditto on Travolta. He had his one moment in Pulp Fiction that I can think of. I liked the movie for Devito and Dennis Farina.


I love John Mulaney. It’s a shame his sitcom sucked so bad because his stand up is top notch. This probably isn’t even the best one - but is great.

He has another coming out next month on Netflix too, so looking forward to that.


Have you watched any of it yet?

I’m two episodes in with 4 to go (so 272 minutes remaining). Feeling a very strong urge to drop everything and stream what’s left. The first episode is slow but the hook was set with about 20 minutes remaining in episode 2 when the group decides to take over Antelope, Oregon. For me that was the rubicon over which I can’t stop watching.

I had forgotten all about Sheela and the Bhagwan, but it has all come back now. What is perhaps most interesting is that it’s a narrative that could not take place today, where people are dominated by social media. World has changed so much in 35 years. No wonder the Duplass brothers found it interesting enough to produce the series.


I watched it. I hear you, I went through it quickly too. I remember hearing “Bhagwan” at the time in the news, but not much else. Crazy stuff. I was shouting at the computer a fair bit (“No! That’s not how it works” “crazy $#!@%” kind of stuff).

It’s really hard to imagine that happening today or even then. There was a certain psychopathic naivete at work in the leadership. The amount of people who signed on is not something that would happen today I think. Though the commune ideal is something that will always be appealing to some.




The psychopathy of the Rajneeshpuram leadership - especially Sheela, her entourage, the mayor KD - was blatant.

Sheela had the citizen of Antelope jailed for exercising his 1st amendment rights, then in the last episode (recorded sometime in the past year or so) pleads with the viewer to believe that she would never, ever deprive someone of their freedom just to avoid her own misery, all said to elevate the perception of the opinion viewers would have of her. Huge chutzpah.

She also had the compound bugged thoroughly, had the arrogance of ten Trumps, plotted to murder a US Attorney, committed the largest domestic act of bioterrorism in US history, threatened Oregon with open warfare, and arranged the arson of the office of the register of deeds in Wasco County, Oregon.

She points out in the final episode that the country in which she now resides, Switzerland, doesn’t regard her as a criminal because she has paid in full her penalty to the US. While that’s true, I really hope for the sake of those who live in her nursing homes that she’s monitored by local law enforcement. She may no longer be a criminal, but once a psychopath always a psychopath.

That woman made my skin crawl.

The lawyer who ended up mayor was the most naive lawyer I think I’ve ever seen. I think the life he’d lived previous to his experience in Oregon had made his crave social acceptance and unconditional love to the point that he was willing to overlook too many things. I thought the Antelope resident at the end, the guy who’d been the single non-Rajneesh member of the Antelope city council, was 100% correct about the Bhagwan and Sheela. World class con artists, nothing more.


He seemed like he’d be a fun guy to sit down and have a beer with.


Saw the clooney ep of letterman’s new show. Not bad.


Looks interesting. Always liked his stuff going back to the GS show


That really does sound interesting. Judd Apatow does a documentary on Garry Shandling, that’s must see. Now let’s hope HBO Asia carries it.

By the way, a fairly obscure HBO show (picked up by HBO from youtube) is High Maintenance. It’s about a 30-ish ah, herb ah purveyor who takes phone calls and then bicycles to his appointments in Brooklyn. Thirty minute episodes. Very, extremely entertaining. It shows up on Cinemax here in Taiwan, now and then. Highly recommend.


Ooh, I forgot about Gene Hackman. Pretty good cast